5 Top Rated Tourist Attractions in Mobile, Alabama | US Travel Guide

5 Top Rated Tourist Attractions in Mobile, Alabama | US Travel Guide

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3 Popular Attractions In Alabama

  • Waterville USA: Amusement park in Gulf Shores, Alabama.
  • Alabama Facts:

    • Alabama is the only state with all major natural resources needed to make iron and steel. It is also the largest supplier of cast-iron and steel pipe products.
    • Winston County is often called the Free State of Winston. It gained the name during the Civil War.
    • Schools established in Mobile include Washington Academy (founded in 1811) and Huntsville Green Academy (founded in 1812).
    • The Florence Renaissance Faire is the Alabama’s official fair.
    Alabama state symbols
    Flag of Alabama.svg

    Seal of Alabama.svg
    Living insignia
    Amphibian Red Hills salamander
    Bird Yellowhammer, wild turkey
    Butterfly Eastern tiger swallowtail
    Fish Largemouth bass, fighting tarpon
    Flower Camellia, oak-leaf hydrangea
    Horse breed Racking horse
    Insect Monarch butterfly
    Mammal American black bear
    Reptile Alabama red-bellied turtle
    Tree Longleaf pine
    Inanimate insignia
    Beverage Conecuh Ridge Whiskey
    Colors Red, white
    Dance Square dance
    Food Pecan, blackberry, peach
    Fossil Basilosaurus
    Gemstone Star blue quartz
    Mineral Hematite
    Rock Marble
    Shell Johnstone's junonia
    Slogan Share The Wonder,
    Alabama the beautiful,
    Where America finds its voice,
    Sweet Home Alabama
    Soil Bama
    State route marker
    Alabama state route marker
    State quarter
    Alabama quarter dollar coin

    Released in 2003
    Lists of United States state symbols


    Here, 5 Top-Rated Tourist Attractions in Mobile, United States

    Set along the Gulf of Mexico at the head of Mobile Bay, Mobile is a historic city with beautiful old homes, lovely squares, and a vibrant cultural scene. This port city is also home to the USS Alabama Battleship Memorial Park, one of the main attractions along this stretch of coast. Visitors can spend a day wandering the historic districts, visiting some of the museums, touring Fort Conde or the Gulf Coast Exploreum Science Center, or exploring the beaches and small towns along Mobile Bay. Mobile is also known for being the home of the oldest Mardi Gras celebrations in the country, a tradition it still celebrates in a lively fashion each year.

    1. USS Alabama Battleship Memorial Park
    2. Mardi Gras
    3. Fort Conde and the Museum of Mobile
    4. Mobile Museum of Art
    5. Bragg-Mitchell Mansion

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