Alaska: Best Places to Visit in Alaska

Alaska: Best Places to Visit in Alaska

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3 Popular Attractions In Alaska

  • Portage Glacier: Glacier on the Kenai Peninsula in southern Alaska.
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    The Best Places to Visit in Alaska! Alaska is famous for its stunning scenery, giant glaciers, pristine forests, romantic lodges, and abundant wildlife. See the highest mountain in North America, watch the Northern Lights, drive along the 1,500-mile Alaska Highway, and explore Alaska’s charming towns and cities.

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    8 thoughts on “Alaska: Best Places to Visit in Alaska

    1. I recently traveled to Alaska as a 1st Tim visitor to the state. I was so excited to breathe in fresh Alaskan air! Imagine how disappointed I was when I witnessed how the natives are treated! I recorded this video at the Anchorage airport, as it appears as if the police tried to make a whole public event out of this poor woman. I feel bad for her

    2. Why is KODIAK NOT on here ? It has more history than and town in Alaska .. Its beauty is out standing ,The people are very friendly And THE FISHING AND CRABING IS TOP OF THE LINE ,,

    3. Moja cerka je trenutno u Seward-u. Vec drugi put odlazi na Aljasku i zaljubila se u tu zemlju. Hvala vam sto ste mi docarali lepote o kojima mi ona prica.

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