Alaska Vacation Budgeting

Alaska Vacation Budgeting

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3 Popular Attractions In Alaska

  • Goldbelt Tram: Cable car station in Juneau, Alaska.
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    The unique experience of visiting Alaska means that you should think differently about your travel budget.

    Some of Alaska's most dramatic sights can only be accessed by plane or boat, and most unique experiences (like river rafting, glacier hiking, and dog sledding) require expert guides and gear. You'll likely want to travel around and not stay in one place, but some of Alaska’s most compelling destinations will be hundreds of miles from your previous night’s stop. We suggest planning to spend $400 per person per day for a quality vacation that doesn't cut corners.

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    1. I'll be traveling next month to Alaska, driving from ANC all the way and back to the Artic Circle. Also planning to visit glaciers, Denali and main attractions for10 days. I been organizing this trip since last summer. I will say car rental and todays gas price the only thing to worry about, not even airfare, rest such Airb&B same as everywhere, food just go to Walmart, NP fee same as the other parks, one hour cruise is$45 for example. Also why to pay excursions when Alaska is a wide open space, go explore your self… So you can go on a budget if you organize this in advance. but Yes, food (restaurants) and other things bit pricy but not for a drama. This video very helpful but way over price in everything.. make you think… you can not afford to travel .. . My secret…. I made all reservations 10 months before traveling , do it !! and you will see the different price as today.

    2. Everyone thinking about cruises should look first into the environmental impact of that industry. If you can’t afford going to a place without cutting corners, go somewhere else.

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