10 Best Tourist Attractions in Tucson, Arizona

10 Best Tourist Attractions in Tucson, Arizona

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3 Popular Attractions In Arizona

  • Grand Canyon National Park: National park in northern Arizona.
  • Arizona Facts:

    • In 1926, the Southern Pacific Railroad connected Arizona with the eastern states.
    • Grand Canyon’s Marble Canyon got its name from its thousand-foot-thick seam of marble and for its walls eroded to a polished glass finish.
    • The Grand Canyon National Park is one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World, and the only one located within the United States.
    Largest cities or towns in Arizona

    Rank Name County Pop. Rank Name County Pop.
    1 Phoenix Maricopa 1,660,272 11 Yuma Yuma 97,908 Mesa
    2 Tucson Pima 545,975 12 San Tan Valley Pinal 90,665
    3 Mesa Maricopa 508,958 13 Avondale Maricopa 85,835
    4 Chandler Maricopa 257,165 14 Goodyear Maricopa 82,835
    5 Scottsdale Maricopa 255,310 15 Buckeye Maricopa 74,370
    6 Glendale Maricopa 250,702 16 Flagstaff Coconino 73,964
    7 Gilbert Maricopa 248,279 17 Casas Adobes Pima 68,919
    8 Tempe Maricopa 192,364 18 Casa Grande Pinal 57,232
    9 Peoria Maricopa 172,259 19 Lake Havasu City Mohave 55,090
    10 Surprise Maricopa 138,161 20 Catalina Foothills Pima 50,202


    10 Best Tourist Attractions in Tucson, Arizona

    6 thoughts on “10 Best Tourist Attractions in Tucson, Arizona

    1. I’m a native Tucsonan, and I can surely say this video is fairly accurate.
      Some other interesting places for Tourists are
      1. Fort Lowell Museum
      2. UofA Mineral Museum
      3. Tumamoc Hill
      4. Sentinel Peak Park (“A” Mountain)
      5. Colossal Cave Mountain Park
      6. Kitt Peak National Observatory
      7. Seven Falls
      8. Tucson Botanical Gardens
      9. Apple Annie’s
      10. The Jewish History Museum
      11. The Tucson Children Museum

      Hopefully this helps! (:

    2. Took a month this past winter to swing through the Southwest US. Spent a week with friends in Tucson. Did the tourist stuff. Saw the big 'ol dusty churches/buildings, saw the big 'ol dusty airplanes. The whole bit. The downtown area is small, kind of quirky and kitschy and has an active nightlife, interesting, seems safe. Sort of Portland-esque. Some really great restaurants! Mostly nice people. Towards week end the tacky faux commercial Southwest décor got a bit much so we went to the mountains. Wow, big ones with real trees, nice! OK visit, but absence of a freeway system and the traffic made worse by the never ending road construction took a lot of the fun out. (We fought our way for 50 minutes across town to the bottom of the mountain) Something there you want to see, go. Southwest in general, maybe a pass. Definitely want your Uber ap handy.

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