Top Tourist Attractions in Flagstaff – Travel Guide Arizona

Top Tourist Attractions in Flagstaff – Travel Guide Arizona

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3 Popular Attractions In Arizona

  • Grand Canyon Skywalk: Horseshoe-shaped bridge with an excellent view near Grand Canyon, Arizona.
  • Arizona Facts:

    • In 1926, the Southern Pacific Railroad connected Arizona with the eastern states.
    • The world’s largest solar telescope is located at Kitts Peak National Observatory in the city of Sells.
    • Two of the top-rated waterfalls in the United States are located in Arizona: Grand Falls and Havasu Falls.
    Arizona state symbols
    Flag of Arizona.svg

    Seal of Arizona.svg
    Living insignia
    Amphibian Arizona tree frog
    Bird Cactus wren
    Butterfly Two-tailed swallowtail
    Fish Apache trout
    Flower Saguaro cactus blossom
    Mammal Ringtail
    Reptile Arizona ridge-nosed rattlesnake
    Tree Palo verde
    Inanimate insignia
    Colors Blue, old gold
    Dinosaur Sonorasaurus
    Firearm Colt Single Action Army revolver
    Fossil Petrified wood
    Gemstone Turquoise
    Mineral Copper
    Rock Petrified wood
    Ship USS Arizona
    Slogan The Grand Canyon State
    State route marker
    Arizona state route marker
    State quarter
    Arizona quarter dollar coin

    Released in 2008
    Lists of United States state symbols

    Top Tourist Attractions and Beautiful Places in Flagstaff – Travel Guide Arizona:
    Walnut Canyon National Monument, Wupatki National Monument, Coconino National Forest, Lowell Observatory, Sunset Crater Volcano National Monument, Riordan Mansion State Historic Park, Lava River Cave, Flagstaff Visitor Center, Museum of Northern Arizona, Arizona Snowbowl, San Francisco Peaks, Grand Falls of the Little Colorado River, Buffalo Park

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    1. Good set. I would name a specific location within Coconino National Forest. It's too broad. I suggest any or all the natural lakes south of town – Prime Lake, Lake Ashurst, Lake Kinnickinnick. The best locations not mentioned are Oak Creek Canyon and Sycamore Canyon, but maybe you are considering these Sedona? Still, very close.

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