10 Best Places to Visit in California – Travel Video

10 Best Places to Visit in California – Travel Video

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California Facts:

  • Demonstrations on making toothpaste from orange by-products were popular attractions at the Los Angeles County fair in 1922.
  • The fair is held in Pomona.California produces more than 17 million gallons of wine each year.
  • The city of Los Angeles uses goats to prevent wildfires.
  • Alcatraz Wasn’t Always a Prison.
State of California
The flag shows a red stripe on the bottom in a white field, with a red star on the top left in the canton. In the center, a grizzly bear is on top of a mound of green grass on over the white field. Below it, text reads "CALIFORNIA REPUBLIC" in a Seal color.


Official seal of California




Golden State[1]


Anthem:I Love You, California


Map of the United States with California highlighted


Map of the United States with California highlighted
CountryUnited States
Before statehoodMexican Cession unorganized territory
Admitted to the UnionSeptember 9, 1850 (31st)
Largest cityLos Angeles
Largest metro and urban areasGreater Los Angeles


GovernorGavin Newsom (D)
Lieutenant GovernorEleni Kounalakis (D)
LegislatureState Legislature
Upper houseState Senate
Lower houseState Assembly
JudiciarySupreme Court of California
U.S. senatorsDianne Feinstein (D)
Alex Padilla (D)
U.S. House delegation
  • 42 Democrats
  • 10 Republicans
  • 1 vacancy




•Total163,696sqmi (423,970km2)
•Land155,959sqmi (403,932km2)
•Water7,737sqmi (20,047km2) 4.7%


•Length770mi (1,240km)
•Width250mi (400km)


2,900ft (880m)


14,505ft (4,421.0m)


−279ft (−85.0m)


•Density253.6/sqmi (97.9/km2)
Median household income


•Income rank




Official languageEnglish
Spoken language
Time zoneUTC−08:00 (PST)
•Summer (DST)UTC−07:00 (PDT)
USPS abbreviation
ISO 3166 codeUS-CA
Traditional abbreviationCalif., Cal., Cali.
Latitude32°32′ N to 42° N
Longitude114°8′ W to 124°26′ W

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There’s more to California than just movie stars and Disneyland. This is a state that boasts a large number of stunning natural attractions, including beautiful beaches, serene deserts and majestic mountains. California is also home to a number of exciting major cities, charming towns and to some of the world’s best wineries.