California 8K Ultra HD Drone Video – Beaches and landmarks

California 8K Ultra HD Drone Video – Beaches and landmarks

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3 Popular Attractions In California

  • Griffith Observatory: Observatory in Los Angeles, California.
  • California Facts:

    • Author Richard Dana (1851-1882) wrote the novel “Two Years Before the Mast.” He inspired the name for the beach community of Dana Point.
    • Simi Valley is the home of the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library and Museum.
    • The Hollywood Walk of Fame has 2600 Stars.
    • San Francisco is Home to the Oldest Chinatown in North America.
    California state symbols
    Flag of California.svg

    Great Seal of California.svg
    Living insignia
    Amphibian California red-legged frog
    Bird California quail
    Flower California poppy
    Grass Purple needlegrass
    Insect California dogface butterfly
    Reptile Desert tortoise
    Tree Coast redwood & giant sequoia[11]
    Inanimate insignia
    Colors Blue & gold[12]
    Dance West Coast Swing
    Folk dance Square dance
    Fossil Sabre-toothed cat
    Gemstone Benitoite
    Mineral Native gold
    Rock Serpentine
    Soil San Joaquin
    Sport Surfing
    Tartan California state tartan
    State route marker
    California state route marker
    State quarter
    California quarter dollar coin

    Released in 2005
    Lists of United States state symbols


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    Names of the places are in description of the film. Also, to see names of places and learn interesting facts, you can turn on subtitles by clicking the CC (close captions) icon at the bottom of a YouTube film.
    Viewers who want to know more about subjects in this film can enable subtitles to read interesting facts about what they see in film.

    Some footage have been originally recorded in 8K resolution and some in 4K. I upscaled all 4K footage to 8K resolution and I made color correction resulting something new and high quality.

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    You are invited to see some of the most beautiful places in California and surroundings in high resolution. Famous landmarks as Golden Gate bridge, Alcatraz prison, Santa Monica Pier, Yosemite National Park.

    There are a lot of interesting facts that you probably didn’t know.
    Big Sur Coastline is considered the most dramatic coastline in the world. Big Sur stretches 90 miles between Carmel to the north and San Simeon to the south.
    Los Angeles was established on September 4, 1781.
    The city's original name was El Pueblo de la Reina de Los Angeles (The Town of the Queen of Angels).
    Death Valley is hottest, driest and lowest National Park in United States.
    Constructed in 1909, Santa Monica Pier has an amusement park, a carousel, restaurants and shops, so there's something for everyone.
    You can see:
    00:00-00:11 Intro
    00:12-00:46 Los Angeles
    00:47-00:54 Malibu
    00:55-01:11 Los Angeles
    01:12-01:18 Beverly Hills
    01:19-01:42 Venice, Los Angeles
    01:43-01:59 Santa Monica Pier
    02:00-02:32 Queen Mary liner in Long Beach, south of downtown Los Angeles
    02:33-03:36 San Diego
    03:37-05:13 Big Sur Coastline
    05:14-06:09 Lake Tahoe
    06:10-06:37 Leo Carillo cliffs
    06:38-06:47 Pebble Beach
    06:48-07:01 Pacific coast
    07:02-07:16 Yosemite National Park
    07:17-07:24 Death Valley
    07:25-07:34 Monterey
    07:35-09:31 San Francisco
    09:32-10:05 Bixby Creek, Big Sur Coastline

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