15 Best Places to Visit in Connecticut

15 Best Places to Visit in Connecticut

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3 Popular Attractions In Connecticut

  • Dinosaur State Park and Arboretum: Natural history preserve in Rocky Hill, Connecticut.
  • Connecticut Facts:

    • The first telephone book ever issued contained only fifty names. The New Haven District Telephone Company published it in New Haven in February 1878.
    • Although West Haven is Connecticut’s youngest city, being incorporated in 1972, it is a community that dates back over 360 years, making it one of the oldest settlements in the country.
    • Connecticut has 169 towns, 21 cities and 9 boroughs.
    • Connecticut has the highest personal income per capita (more than $70,000) in the country. However, the national average is $50,392.
    • Lollipops were invented by George Smith of New Haven, Connecticut in 1908. He had this idea of putting candy on a stick so that it is easier to consume. Lollipops were originally soft rather than hard.
    Largest cities or towns in Connecticut

    Rank Name County Pop.
    1 Bridgeport Fairfield 148,654 New Haven
    New Haven
    2 Stamford Fairfield 135,470
    3 New Haven New Haven 134,023
    4 Hartford Hartford 121,054
    5 Waterbury New Haven 114,403
    6 Norwalk Fairfield 91,184
    7 Danbury Fairfield 86,518
    8 New Britain Hartford 74,135
    9 West Hartford Hartford 64,083
    10 Greenwich Fairfield 63,518


    Make your way to Connecticut and have fun exploring with your friends and making new memories.

    As the state has plenty of activities to do, go from city to city, enjoy plenty of amusement rides, stroll down nature parks, a zoo, and museums with various displays.

    Think this trip is what you need to have fun? All you need is to click play to get all the best places to visit in Connecticut.

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