connecticut tourism, Top 35 Tourist Attractions in Connecticut of the northeastern United States

connecticut tourism, Top 35 Tourist Attractions in Connecticut of the northeastern United States

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3 Popular Attractions In Connecticut

  • USS Nautilus: Historic submarine in Gordon, Connecticut.
  • Connecticut Facts:

    • In 1705, copper was discovered in Simsbury. Later, the copper mine became the infamous New-Gate Prison of the Revolutionary War. Doctor Samuel Higley of Simsbury started the first copper coinage in America in 1737.
    • Danbury, An important military depot for the American Revolutionary armies was burned and looted in April 1777 by the British under Major General William Tryon.
    • Bear Mountain in Salisbury in the northwest corner of the state is the highest peak in the state.
    • In 1937, Connecticut became the first state to issue permanent license plates to cars.
    • Yale University is located in New Haven, CT. Established in 1701, Yale University is the third-oldest institution of higher education in the United States. U.S. Presidents such as Gerald Ford, William Howard Taft, George W. Bush and Bill Clinton have all attended it.
    Largest cities or towns in Connecticut

    Rank Name County Pop.
    1 Bridgeport Fairfield 148,654 New Haven
    New Haven
    2 Stamford Fairfield 135,470
    3 New Haven New Haven 134,023
    4 Hartford Hartford 121,054
    5 Waterbury New Haven 114,403
    6 Norwalk Fairfield 91,184
    7 Danbury Fairfield 86,518
    8 New Britain Hartford 74,135
    9 West Hartford Hartford 64,083
    10 Greenwich Fairfield 63,518


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    Connecticut is the southernmost state in the New England district of the northeastern United States. As of the 2010 Census, Connecticut highlights the most astounding per-capita salary, Human Development Index (0.962), and middle family wage in the United States. Connecticut is flanked by Rhode Island toward the east, Massachusetts toward the north, New York toward the west, and Long Island Sound toward the south. Its capital city is Hartford, and its most crowded city is Bridgeport. In spite of the fact that Connecticut is actually part of New England, it is regularly assembled alongside New York and New Jersey as the Tri-state range. The state is named for the Connecticut River, a noteworthy U.S. stream that roughly cuts up the state. “Connecticut” is gotten from different anglicized spellings of an Algonquian word for “long tidal river”.
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    Connecticut most beautiful places we're visiting lists bellow:

    West River,
    Silver Sands State Park,
    Wadsworth Falls State Park,
    North Meadows, Hartford,
    The Gillette Castle Park,
    Old Saybrook tow beach,
    Shore Line Trolley Museum,
    Iwo Jima Memorial,
    Saville Dam,
    Yale University,
    Enders Falls State Park,
    Kent Falls State Park,
    Campbell Falls State Park,
    Mystic Seaport,
    Mystic Aquarium,
    Weir Farm National Historic Site,
    New Haven,
    Hammonasset Beach State Park,
    Elizabeth Park,
    Beardsley Zoo,
    Peabody Museum of Natural History,
    South Windsor,
    Rocky Hill,
    New London,

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