Mystic – The Don’ts of Visiting Mystic, Connecticut

Mystic – The Don’ts of Visiting Mystic, Connecticut

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3 Popular Attractions In Connecticut

  • Lake Compounce: Amusement park in Bristol, Connecticut.
  • Connecticut Facts:

    • The first automobile law was passed by the state of CT in 1901. The speed limit was set at 12 miles per hour.
    • Connecticut State insect is the Praying Mantis.
    • Did you know why Connecticut became known as the “Provision State”? It is due to the fact that during the revolutionary war, Connecticut sent many supplies and cannon to the Continental Army.
    • Connecticut and Rhode Island have no county government. All county governments in Connecticut were abolished on October 1, 1960.
    • John Haynes was Connecticut’s first governor.
    Team Sport League
    Bridgeport Islanders Ice hockey American Hockey League
    Hartford Wolf Pack Ice hockey American Hockey League
    Connecticut Whale Ice hockey Premier Hockey Federation
    Hartford Yard Goats Baseball Double-A Northeast
    Norwich Sea Unicorns Baseball Futures Collegiate Baseball League
    New Britain Bees Baseball Futures Collegiate Baseball League
    Connecticut Sun Basketball Women's National Basketball Association
    Hartford Athletic Soccer USL Championship
    AC Connecticut Soccer USL League Two


    Hey there fellow seaport travelers! Mystic, Connecticut is one of the most popular destinations in New England due to its incredible food, aquarium, coastline, fishing, and the historic Mystic Seaport Museum. There are so many things to see and do in Mystic, that sometimes we forget about the things we don't do in a town. So here are the do's and dont's of Mystic, Connecticut. Or Stonnington, CT or Groton, CT.
    Filmed at Mystic Seasport Museum
    Copyright Mark Wolters 2022

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    15 thoughts on “Mystic – The Don’ts of Visiting Mystic, Connecticut

    1. TOURISTS: Please DON'T Just walk across the street blindly – USE THE CROSSWALKS.

    2. So basically what you are saying is Mystic pizza isn't that good lol..would have to agree btw

    3. The steamboat ride is on the Sabino, originally in service since 1908 as part of Casco Bay Lines out of Portland, Maine. My mom used to take it regularly well into the '50s. It always makes me happy to see it still having a life and bringing happiness to so many people. Thanks for what you do.

    4. Annie’s pizza? It’s Angies and locals will definitely not tell you that Stonington pizza palace is good

    5. Visited Connecticut every weekend for like 3 years when I was a teenager never once been here smh

    6. I wonder what it was like for black people back then. Probably lovely

    7. I don't drive. Can I easily use public transportation to see all of these places? I was in Mystic once, but that was over 20 years ago. I might even have to use Airbnb to stay someplace nearby, but hopefully It'll be much more inexpensive. I suppose I can use a cab a few times, but I'll really have to be careful with what I spend. Thanks in advance! Very good video by the way!

    8. Don't expect to see people of color, just sayin. They don't call it the white man's underbite for nothing. Lovey, can you pass the Grey Pupoun?

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