List 8 Tourist Attractions in Lewes, Delaware | Travel to United States

List 8 Tourist Attractions in Lewes, Delaware | Travel to United States

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3 Popular Attractions In Connecticut

  • Delaware Art Museum: Art museum in Wilmington, Delaware.
  • Delaware Facts

    • The United States battleship Delaware was commissioned in 1910.
    • Rehoboth Beach is the state’s largest coastal resort town. Methodists who purchase the land for a summer camp and meeting place originally constructed it.
    • Colonial blue and buff are Delaware’s official state colors.
    • With an average altitude of 60 ft. above sea level, Delaware is the lowest state.Ninety-fivemiles long and between nine and thirty-fivemiles wide, Delaware’shighest point, is near the Pennsylvanialine, and only 442 ft.above sea level.
    Largest cities or towns in Delaware

    2018 census estimates
    Rank Name County Pop.
    1 Wilmington New Castle 70,635 Newark
    2 Dover Kent 38,079
    3 Newark New Castle 33,673
    4 Middletown New Castle 22,582
    5 Smyrna New Castle/Kent 11,580
    6 Milford Kent/Sussex 11,353
    7 Seaford Sussex 7,861
    8 Georgetown Sussex 7,427
    9 Elsmere New Castle 5,981
    10 New Castle New Castle 5,529


    Here, 8 Top Tourist Attractions in Lewes, US State..
    There's Cape Henlopen State Park, Cape May-Lewes Ferry, Lewes Beach, Hopkins Farm Creamery, Fort Miles Historic Area, Zwaanendael Museum, Lightship Overfalls, Lewes Historical Society and more…

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