42 Miami Street Coastal Contemporary Home For Sale in Miramar Beach, Florida

42 Miami Street Coastal Contemporary Home For Sale in Miramar Beach, Florida

Real Estate Tips:
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Some Florida Facts

• There is nowhere in Florida that is more than 60 miles from a beach.
•The USA grows more than 70% of the world’s oranges. That's why Florida is known as the “capital of vitamin C”.
• The oldest inhabited city in the US can be found at St. Augustine, FL. Settled by Spaniards in 1565 and established as a city in 1793, the historic gem is located close to Jacksonville and contains a culturally significant 17th-century fortress.
• NASA’s first communication satellite was launched from Florida called Echo 1. The scientists launched it 12th August 1960 from Cape Canaveral into the sky, where it orbits around Earth.


42 Miami Street is a contemporary home for sale in Miramar Beach, Florida. For details about this vacation home, and to search all Miramar Beach real estate, click here: https://scenicsir.video/pj0

Completed in 2016, the ”Soggy Dollar” is perfectly situated to capture panoramic gulf views from each of its four floors and from a fifth-story rooftop deck. This beach retreat features nine bedrooms, a private elevator, and second-floor living areas with pecky cypress ceilings and floor-to-ceiling windows. Perfect for hosting family and friends, this residence offers a spacious kitchen and dining area, close proximity to gated beach access, and unparalleled amenities that include a fourth-floor game room, custom-built boat bar, a resort-style pool with a swim-up bar, and an outdoor kitchen and living area.