785 Oakleaf Plantation Pkwy #1511, Orange Park, FL

785 Oakleaf Plantation Pkwy #1511, Orange Park, FL

Real Estate Tips:
Make sure that any money you invest is done so with a specific goal in mind. If you just want to preserve capital and beat inflation a little, stick with money markets and bonds. If you are saving for retirement far in advance, look for growth stocks. If you want income streams, look for dividend stocks and real estate income trusts. Keep in mind that there are investment opportunities past just traditional stocks and bonds. Commodities are an asset class with both risks and rewards but can provide hedges against inflation. Also look at real estate income trusts to invest into the real estate market without being tied to individual pieces of property.

Some Florida Facts

• Florida is the flattest state in the United States! Florida is so flat in fact that its highest point is the lowest high point of any state in the USA. At just 345 feet, Britton Hill, Florida's highest peak, is lower than many of Miami's skyscrapers.
• Florida’s first scheduled passenger flight took place in January 1st, 1914 and flew to St. Petersburg & Tampa.
• That’s right – when you're in Florida, you're never more than 60 miles from the nearest body of water.
• Pioneer Pedro Ponce de Leon was actually the first person to plant oranges in Florida. Three centuries after, new railroad tracks made it easy to ship oranges. In 2016, 75% of the farmers in Florida were growing oranges.


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