Popular 28 destinations to Visit in Georgia USA, 28 Best Tourist Attractions in Georgia USA

Popular 28 destinations to Visit in Georgia USA, 28 Best Tourist Attractions in Georgia USA

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3 Popular Attractions In Georgia

  • Stone Mountain: Theme park in Atlanta.
  • Ohio Facts:

    • Atlanta was the only city in North American destroyed as an act of war. (General Sherman burnt it to the ground.) Only 400 buildings survived. That’s why the city’s symbol is a phoenix.
    • The City of Savanna was the first steamship to cross the Atlantic. It sailed from Georgia.
    • Georgia’s population in 1776 was around 40,000.
    • Chehaw in Albany is a well known wild animal park.


    Tourist Attractions in the USA more videos: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OvXGh_Pv6qg&list=PLFdhXVaQscxxIecGzEOTK_No3-8qnSEtD />
    Georgia is a nation inside the southeastern part of the us.
    It is bordered with the aid of florida to the south, alabama to the west,
    tennessee and north carolina to the north, and south carolina to the east.
    All of georgia's coastline is on the atlantic ocean. The sea borders georgia to the southeast.

    -Georgia Capital: Atlanta
    Total 59,425 sq mi (153,909 km2)
    Land 57,906 sq mi (149,976 km2)
    Water 1,519 sq mi (3,933 km2) 2.6%

    -Population (2019) Total: 10,617,423

    • Official language English
    • Spoken language English
    Spanish (7.42%)
    Other (2.82%)

    Georgia become hooked up in 1732 and have become a country in 1788. It was the closing of the original 13 colonies and sooner or later joined inside the developing riot towards britain. Georgia was named after george ii of extremely good britain.
    More info about Georgia Website www.georgia.gov or

    Popular destinations to Visit in Georgia lists bellow:
    1.Georgia City
    4.Cumberland Island
    5.Driftwood Beach, Jekyll Island
    6.Callaway Botanical Gardens
    8.Tybee Island
    9.Tallulah Gorge State Park
    10.Blue Ridge
    11.Wormsloe Historic Site
    12.Arabia Mountain
    13.Panther Creek Falls
    14.Etowah Indian Mounds
    15.Okefenokee National Wildlife Refuge
    16.Providence Canyon State Park
    17.Appalachian Trail
    18.Chattahoochee River
    19.St. Simons Island
    20.Johns Creek
    21.Martin Luther King Jr. National Historic Site
    22.Ocmulgee National Monument
    23.Vogel State Park
    24.Red Top Mountain State Park
    25.Toccoa Falls Waterfall
    28.Lake Lanier

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