Kauai Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia

Kauai Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia

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3 Popular Attractions In Hawaii

  • USS Arizona: Historic battleship in Honolulu, on the island of Oahu.
    • Diamond Head: State park in Honolulu, on the island of Oahu.
    • Kilauea: Active volcano on the Big Island.

    Hawaii Facts

    • There are only 12 letters in the Hawaiian alphabet. Vowels: A, E, I, O, U Consonants: H, K, L, M, N, P, W
    • ISLAND OF KAUAI The fourth largest of the Hawaiian Islands. The Waialua River is one of five navigable river in Hawaii. It drains off Waialeale Mountain, which averages 488 inches of rain per year and is considered the wettest spot on earth. The Waimea, the Hanape’pe, the Lumahai and the Hanalei River are almost as big and quite navigable. The Hanalei River wasdedicated a “national treasure” recently and is under government protection from use as a “place of business”.
    • Mauna Kea is the tallest mountain in the world.
    • People don’t wear shoes inside.


    State of Hawaii

    Mokuʻāina o Hawaiʻi(Hawaiian)

    The Aloha State (official), Paradise of the Pacific,[1] The Islands of Aloha, The 808 State[2]

    Ua Mau ke Ea o ka ʻĀina i ka Pono
    (“The Life of the Land Is Perpetuated in Righteousness”)[3]
    Anthem: Hawaiʻi Ponoʻī
    (Hawaiʻi's Own True Sons)[4]
    Map of the United States with Hawaii highlighted

    Map of the United States with Hawaii highlighted
    Country United States
    Before statehood Territory of Hawaii
    Admitted to the Union August 21, 1959 (50th)
    Capital(and largest city) Honolulu
    Largest metro and urban areas Honolulu

    Governor David Ige (D)
    Lieutenant Governor Josh Green (D)
    Legislature State Legislature
    Upper house Senate
    Lower house House of Representatives
    Judiciary Supreme Court of Hawaii
    U.S. senators
    U.S. House delegation 1: Ed Case (D)
    2: Kai Kahele (D) (list)

    •Total 10,931sqmi (28,311km2)
    •Land 6,423sqmi (16,638km2)
    •Water 4,507sqmi (11,672km2) 41.2%
    •Rank 43rd

    •Length 1,522mi (2,450km)
    •Width n/ami (n/akm)

    3,030ft (920m)

    13,796ft (4,205.0m)

    (Pacific Ocean[6])
    0ft (0m)

    •Total 1,455,271
    •Rank 40th
    •Density 221/sqmi (82.6/km2)
    •Rank 13th
    Median household income

    •Income rank

    Demonym(s) Hawaii resident,[10] Hawaiian[a]

    Official languages English, Hawaiian
    Time zone UTC−10:00 (Hawaii)
    USPS abbreviation
    ISO 3166 code US-HI
    Traditional abbreviation H.I.
    Latitude 18° 55′ N to 28° 27′ N
    Longitude 154° 48′ W to 178° 22′ W
    Website portal.ehawaii.gov


    Kauai – it’s the mellowest of all the main Hawaiian Islands and the perfect vacation destination for travelers wanting to unplug from 21st-century crazy and reconnect with timeless calm.

    Check out all the places we visited in this video: https://viewfinder.expedia.com/kauai-vacation-ideas-planning-itinerary-travel-video

    Are you hooked? Browse vacation packages to Kauai: https://www.expedia.com/Kauai.d180075.Destination-Travel-Guides

    For centuries, the Hawaiian Island of Kauai has been soothing the souls of all those who’ve walked its shores, forests and valleys. If you’ve been searching for a vacation destination to calm your 21st-century nerves, Kauai could be just the spot for you.

    Besides an abundance of #tropical #beaches and legendary waves, Kauai serves up a rich banquet of Polynesian culture, jaw-dropping scenery and unforgettable sunsets. So whether you’re a beachcomber, surfer, hiker, or honeymooner, check out our travel guide and start planning your Kauai itinerary today.

    For now, we hope you enjoy watching this #travel #guide as much as we enjoyed making it.

    For more travel information about Kauai: https://www.expedia.com/Kauai.dx180075

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    0:00 – Kauai
    1:38 – Hanalei Valley Lookout
    1:52 – Limahuli Garden and Preserve
    2:10 – Hanalei
    2:27 – Kilauea Point Lighthouse
    2:45 – Kapaa
    3:34 – Lihue
    4:27 – Hanapepe
    4:41 – Waimea
    4:53 – Waimea Canyon
    5:16 – Na Pali Coast State Wilderness Park

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