Idaho – 10 Culture Shocks Tourists Have When They Visit Idaho

Idaho – 10 Culture Shocks Tourists Have When They Visit Idaho

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3 Popular Attractions In Idaho

  • Zoo Boise: Zoo in Boise, Idaho.
  • Idaho Facts

    • The Cataldo mission is the oldest building in the state.
    • Kuna is known as the Gateway City to the Birds of Prey Natural Area.
    • Sawtooth Mountain/Sawtooth National Recreational Area was named for its jagged profile.
    • Idaho is 83,557 square miles.
    State of Idaho Nickname(s):

    The Gem State (official), The Potato State

    Esto perpetua (Latin for “Let it be perpetual”)
    Anthem:Here We Have IdahoMap of the United States with Idaho highlighted

    Map of the United States with Idaho highlighted
    Country United States Before statehood Oregon Territory, Washington Territory, Idaho Territory Admitted to the Union July 3, 1890 (43rd) Capital

    (and largest city) Boise Largest metro and urban areas Boise Government

    Governor Brad Little (R)Lieutenant Governor Janice McGeachin (R) Legislature LegislatureUpper house SenateLower house House of Representatives Judiciary Idaho Supreme Court U.S. senators Mike Crapo (R)
    Jim Risch (R) U.S. House delegation 1. Russ Fulcher (R)
    2. Mike Simpson (R) (list) Area

    •Total 83,569[1]sqmi (216,443km2) •Land 83,570sqmi (216,400km2) •Water 926sqmi (2,398km2) 1.11% •Rank 15th Dimensions

    •Length 479mi (771km) •Width 305mi (491km) Elevation

    5,000ft (1,520m) Highestelevation

    12,662ft (3,859m) Lowestelevation

    (Confluence of Snake and Clearwater River; Lewiston[3][4])
    713ft (217m) Population

    •Total 1,839,106 •Rank 38th •Density 21.6/sqmi (8.33/km2) •Rank 44thMedian household income

    $52,225[5] •Income rank

    31st Demonym(s) Idahoan Language

    Official language English[6] Time zones primary UTC−07:00 (Mountain) •Summer (DST) UTC−06:00 (MDT) Idaho Panhandle UTC−08:00 (Pacific) •Summer (DST) UTC−07:00 (PDT) USPS abbreviation
    ISO 3166 code US-ID Latitude 42° N to 49° N Longitude 111°03′ W to 117°15′ W Website


    Hey there fellow travelers, today we are in the wonderful tasty state of Idaho. Yes it is famous for its potatoes, but you may find it fun to know that there is more than just potatoes in Idaho. Here we go through tourist information, travel information on enjoying Idaho, from the many waterfalls like Shoshone Falls to the capital Boise (no Z) to the incredible variety of potato themed fun, this is your guide to visiting Idaho.
    Filmed in Idaho
    Copyright Mark Wolters

    #visitidaho #idaho #thepotatostate

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    15 thoughts on “Idaho – 10 Culture Shocks Tourists Have When They Visit Idaho

    1. I am a Idaho native with people as far back as my Grandfather's grandpa buried here. Due to the influx of people moving here from California the Boise area has essentially became California Lite. They just announced there is a "In N Out" coming to the Village in Meridian. Traffic is horrible and the people that moved might of had the best intentions but they are changing the state for the worst. Stupid expensive home prices and crime is on the rise. Also for some reason the fringe waccko conservatives are moving here consistently apoligizing for moving here while at the same time bragging about how awesome it is the can carry a gun with them. Natives dont do this.
      It for sure is a lot less Idaho compared to what it was 3 years ago.

    2. Steak Fingers ??
      Lived here since 66 and never have I found Steak Fingers on a menu ??
      I have however eaten a ton of Finger Steaks ??
      I also worked at Idaho Candy Company and have made Tons of Idaho Spud Bars ?

    3. Great video! I think this is probably the most positive review about Idaho I have ever read. Good job! The way you spun it makes it sound like Idaho is a fun place. Now, do they have Huckleberry pie? I am thinking they have to. I am hearing more and more about how good Huckleberries are.

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