10 BEST Things to Do in Chicago, Illinois

10 BEST Things to Do in Chicago, Illinois

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3 Popular Attractions In Illinois

  • Starved Rock State Park: State park in Oglesby, Illinois.
    • Adler Planetarium: Museum dedicated to the study of astronomy and astrophysics, located in Chicago, Illinois.

    Pennsylvania Facts:

    • Carlyle is the home of the largest man-made lake in Illinois.
    • New York Sun editor Charles Dana, tired of hearing Chicagoans boast of the world’s Columbian Exposition, dubbed Chicago the “Windy City.”
    • The only river in the world that flows backwards
    • In 1871 as The Great Chicago Fire raced through the city, William Rand and Andrew McNally rescued two ticket printing machines by burying them in the sand. Three days later, they had the machines up and running in a rented space.
    Major league professional teams in Chicago (ranked by attendance)
    Club League Sport Venue Attendance Founded Championships
    Chicago Bears NFL Football Soldier Field 61,142 1919 9 Championships (1 Super Bowl)
    Chicago Cubs MLB Baseball Wrigley Field 41,649 1870 3 World Series
    Chicago White Sox MLB Baseball Guaranteed Rate Field 40,615 1900 3 World Series
    Chicago Blackhawks NHL Ice hockey United Center 21,653 1926 6 Stanley Cups
    Chicago Bulls NBA Basketball 20,776 1966 6 NBA Championships
    Chicago Fire MLS Soccer Soldier Field 17,383 1997 1 MLS Cup, 1 Supporters Shield
    Chicago Sky WNBA Basketball Wintrust Arena 10,387 2006 1 WNBA Championships


    When it comes to stunning architecture and world-class museums, It's safe to say that Chicago Illinois is second to none. Whether you want to wine and dine, study art, or learn more about american history, The Windy City has you covered! From sky-high thrill rides, to opulent waterfront boutiques, let's check out the 10 best things to do in Chicago!
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    🔹 #10 360 Chicago Observation Deck

    🔹 #9 Wrigley Field

    🔹 #8 The Magnificent Mile

    🔹 #7 The Cloud Gate

    🔹 #6 Chicago Riverwalk

    🔹 #5 Lincoln Park Zoo

    🔹 #4 The Field Museum

    🔹 #3 Navy Pier

    🔹 #2 Buckingham Fountain

    🔹 #1 Art Institute of Chicago

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    1. 10. I'm not sure how I will handle my fear of heights on this spellbinding site seeing contraption built into the the building as an "observation deck", this is an architectural wonder and I can only imagine my reaction on such a "thrill ride" ! I would love to experience this. Who would go with me I wonder? 94 floors is right up my alley if I had a dime for every time I think about conquering my fear of heights.

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