Top Tourist Attractions in Springfield: Travel Guide State Illinois

Top Tourist Attractions in Springfield: Travel Guide State Illinois

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3 Popular Attractions In Illinois

  • Chicago Park District: A section of Chicago, Illinois, with over 580 parks.
  • Pennsylvania Facts:

    • Before Abraham Lincoln was elected president he served in the Illinois legislature and practiced law in Springfield. Abraham Lincoln is buried just outside Springfield at Lincoln Tomb State Historic Site.
    • Chicago’s Mercy Hospital was the first hospital opened in Illinois.
    • Chicago is comprised of 77 community areas.
    • In 1871 as The Great Chicago Fire raced through the city, William Rand and Andrew McNally rescued two ticket printing machines by burying them in the sand. Three days later, they had the machines up and running in a rented space.
    Largest cities or towns in Illinois

    2019 U.S. Census Bureau Estimate[92]
    Rank Name County Pop.
    1 Chicago Cook 2,693,976 Naperville
    2 Aurora Kane 197,757
    3 Naperville DuPage 148,449
    4 Joliet Will 147,344
    5 Rockford Winnebago 145,609
    6 Springfield Sangamon 114,230
    7 Elgin Kane / Cook 110,849
    8 Peoria Peoria 110,417
    9 Champaign Champaign 88,909
    10 Waukegan Lake 86,075

    Top Tourist Attractions in Springfield: Travel Guide State Illinois
    Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum, Lincoln Home National Historic Site, Dana-Thomas House, Lincoln Tomb & War Memorials, Illinois State Capitol, Old State Capitol State Historic Site, Illinois State Museum, Camp Butler National Cemetery, Edwards Place Historic Home, Lincoln Memorial Garden, Illinois State Military Museum, Henson Robinson Zoo, Washington Park Botanical Gardens

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    1. In the fifth grade I did an annual historical reenactment at the old state capitol or as we call it at my school the 'osc' it was really fun!

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