Baton Rouge Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia

Baton Rouge Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia

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3 Popular Attractions In Louisiana

  • Whitney Plantation: Museum devoted to slavery, located in Wallace, Louisiana.
    • Bourbon Street: Street in the heart of the French Quarter neighborhood in New Orleans, Louisiana.

    Louisiana Facts:

    • The first American army to have African American officers was the confederate Louisiana Native Guards. The Corps d’Afrique at Port Hudson was sworn into service on September 27, 1862.
    • Between April 17,1862 and May 18, 1864 20 major Civil War battles and engagements were fought on Louisiana soil.
    • The city of Kaplan is referred to as “The Most Cajun place on earth”.
    • Pineville is home to a one of a kind museum called the Old Town Hall Museum. It is the only museum in the entire state of Louisiana dedicated to municipal government.
    • Orleans Parish is the third-most-populous in Louisiana.
    Largest cities or towns in Louisiana

    Rank Name Parish Pop.
    New Orleans
    New Orleans
    Baton Rouge
    Baton Rouge
    1 New Orleans Orleans 383,997 Shreveport
    2 Baton Rouge East Baton Rouge 227,470
    3 Shreveport Caddo 187,593
    4 Lafayette Lafayette 121,374
    5 Lake Charles Calcasieu 84,872
    6 Kenner Jefferson 66,448
    7 Bossier City Bossier 62,701
    8 Monroe Ouachita 47,702
    9 Alexandria Rapides 45,275
    10 Houma Terrebonne 33,406


    Explore the city of Baton Rouge and experience its diverse culture and ever-transforming story. In this travel guide video, we take you on an historical and cultural journey through one of the Louisiana’s favourite cities.

    Check out all the places we visited in this video:

    When ready, browse vacation packages to Baton Rouge:

    #BatonRouge lies along the banks of the legendary Mississippi River in southeast #Louisiana. It is the state’s capital and is famous for its sports-mad universities, cultural fusion and of course, laid-back southern charm.

    From the days when a red stick (or Baton Rouge) marked the boundary between native tribes, to its subsequent administration by France, Britain and Spain, transformation has been built into the DNA of this city. In 1846, a stroke of the pen made it the Louisiana State Capital and since then, it has continued to grow as a city, and a vacation destination.

    Mark Twain is often quoted as saying,

    “Throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.”

    And there is no better way to the catch the trade winds in your sails than with a #vacation to Baton Rouge.

    We hope you enjoy watching this #travel #guide as much as we enjoyed making it.

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    0:00 – Baton Rouge
    1:27 – Shaw Center for the Arts
    2:00 – Old State Capitol
    2:32 – Louisiana Governor’s Mansion
    2:48 – The art deco State Capitol Building
    3:20 – Spanish Town
    3:39 – Capitol Park Museum
    4:03 – Magnolia Mound
    4:32 – Arsenal Park and the Old Arsenal Museum
    4:51 – U.S.S Kidd & Veterans Memorial

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    1. From a single red cypress pole that marked out the hunting territories of its First Peoples, Baton Rouge sure has come a long way. Join us as we explore the capital of Louisiana, which today is a rich hunting ground for lovers of art, music and history.

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