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Investing in real estate is one way to earn a return on your money as long as you choose your property wisely and purchase at a fair price. You can purchase a home and sell it when it increases in value. You can also purchase rental properties that provide you with an income, although you must deal with the headaches of being a landlord. Investing in real estate investment trusts (REITs) is another way to invest in real estate without having to actually own a physical property. Make sure that any money you invest is done so with a specific goal in mind. If you just want to preserve capital and beat inflation a little, stick with money markets and bonds. If you are saving for retirement far in advance, look for growth stocks. If you want income streams, look for dividend stocks and real estate income trusts.

3 Popular Attractions In Michigan

  • Sleeping Bear Dunes: National lakeshore located along the northwest coast of the Lower Peninsula of Michigan.
  • North Carolina Facts:

    • In 1817 the University of Michigan was the first university established by any of the states. Originally named Cathelepistemian and located in Detroit the name was changed in 1821. The university moved to Ann Arbor in 1841.
    • Grand Rapids is home to the 24-foot Leonardo da Vinci horse, called Il Gavallo, it is the largest equestrian bronze sculpture in the Western Hemisphere.
    • During these months you get to experience the spring and fall season, which makes it the best time to soak in the beauty of nature.
    • Detroit also has the largest island park in the U.S.! This 982 acre (397 ha) park called Belle Isle Park boasts a museum, baseball fields, basketball courts, and a golf course.
    Largest combined statistical areas in Michigan[151]
    MI Rank U.S. Rank Combined statistical area Image 2019 estimate 2010 Census Change Constituent core-based statisticalareas
    1 12 Detroit–Warren–Ann Arbor, MI Detroit night aerial.jpg 5,341,994 5,318,744 +0.44% Detroit–Warren–Dearborn, MI Metropolitan Statistical Area
    Flint, MI Metropolitan Statistical Area
    Ann Arbor, MI Metropolitan Statistical Area
    Monroe, MI Metropolitan Statistical Area
    Adrian, MI Micropolitan Statistical Area
    2 42 Grand Rapids–Kentwood–Muskegon, MI ISS047-E-125688.jpg 1,412,470 1,320,064 +7.00% Grand Rapids–Kentwood, MI Metropolitan Statistical Area
    Muskegon, MI Metropolitan Statistical Area
    Holland, MI Micropolitan Statistical Area
    Big Rapids, MI Micropolitan Statistical Area
    68 South Bend–Elkhart–Mishawaka, IN–MI 809,069 798,005 +1.39% South Bend-Mishawaka, IN-MI Metropolitan Statistical Area
    Elkhart-Goshen, IN Metropolitan Statistical Area
    Niles, MI Metropolitan Statistical Area
    Warsaw, IN Micropolitan Statistical Area
    Plymouth, IN Micropolitan Statistical Area
    Lansing–East Lansing–Owosso, MI Downtown Lansing, Michigan, as seen from the air early one morning in May, 2017.jpg 550,085 534,684 +2.88% Lansing–East Lansing, MI Metropolitan Statistical Area
    Owosso, MI Micropolitan statistical area
    3 88 Kalamazoo–Battle Creek–Portage, MI 503,706 493,020 +2.17% Kalamazoo–Portage Metropolitan Area
    Battle Creek, MI Metropolitan Statistical Area
    Sturgis, MI Micropolitan Statistical Area
    Coldwater, MI Micropolitan Statistical Area
    4 101 Saginaw–Midland–Bay City, MI 376,821 391,569 −3.77% Saginaw, MI Metropolitan Statistical Area
    Bay City, MI Metropolitan Statistical Area
    Midland, MI Metropolitan Statistical Area
    5 159 Mount Pleasant–Alma, MI 110,583 112,787 −1.95% Mount Pleasant, MI Micropolitan Statistical Area
    Alma, MI Micropolitan Statistical Area
    161 Marinette–Iron Mountain, WI-MI 92,664 96,369 −3.84% Marinette, WI–MI Micropolitan Statistical Area
    Iron Mountain, MI–WI Micropolitan Statistical Area


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    4. The Western U.P would love to have you visit and enjoy. Please "pack in / pack out" – do not leave your trash around. Do not tear up beaches with ATV's and big UV lights searching for glowing rocks. Do not rush from one photo op to another – instead linger a lot and appreciate nature. Consider business people, especially food / bar industry = be patient and do not be rude – this is the Yoop, not New York. Spend enough time to breath in some of the freshest cleanest air on the planet – long enough so when you travel back to or through any large urban area, your eyes will tear and your lungs will notice that unseen pollution is a real thing. And for heaven sake, try a Pasty! (Note, you can also find Pastys in Montana when the Cornish Miners went west!)

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