Duluth, Minnesota | Things to Do & Attractions [4K HD]

Duluth, Minnesota | Things to Do & Attractions [4K HD]

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3 Popular Attractions In Minnesota

  • Weisman Art Museum: Art museum in Minneapolis, Minnesota.
  • Minnesota Facts:

    • The original name of the settlement that became St. Paul was Pig’s Eye. Named for the French-Canadian whiskey trader, Pierre “Pig’s Eye” Parrant, who had led squatters to the settlement.
    • For many years, the world’s largest twine ball has sat in Darwin. It weighs 17,400 pounds, is twelve feet in diameter, and was the creation of Francis A. Johnson.
    • In 1919 a Minneapolis factory turned out the nations first armored cars.
    • Hibbing is the birthplace of the American bus industry. It sprang from the business acumen of Carl Wickman and Andrew “Bus Andy” Anderson – who opened the first bus line (with one bus) between the towns of Hibbing and Alice in 1914. The bus line grew to become Greyhound Lines, Inc.
    • In 1926, McGraw Electric Company marketed the Toastmaster the first automatic pop-up toaster retailing at $13.50 at the time. In today’s market, that is the equivalent of almost $165.00.
    Average daily maximum and minimum temperatures for selected cities in Minnesota[69]
    Location July (°F) July (°C) January (°F) January (°C)
    Minneapolis 83/64 28/18 23/7 −4/−13
    Saint Paul 83/63 28/17 23/6 −5/−14
    Rochester 82/63 28/17 23/3 −5/−16
    Duluth 76/55 24/13 19/1 −7/−17
    St. Cloud 81/58 27/14 18/−1 −7/−18
    Mankato 86/62 30/16 23/3 −5/−16
    International Falls 77/52 25/11 15/−6 −9/−21


    SUBSCRIBE ► https://viatravelers.com/sub-to-youtube Spending time along the North Shore of Minnesota? Duluth, Minnesota is rich in history and industry. We've got you covered with the top things to do in Duluth to explore the city like a local (and a tourist).

    This lakeshore city has a rich maritime history that will keep you occupied for good. Besides Lake Superior, the city also has public parks, museums, shopping malls, sophisticated dining spaces, and much more.

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    In addition, Duluth has the pride and honor of being home and birthplace to the very iconic Bob Dylan. Every year in May, the city celebrates the Duluth Dylan Fest in which the participants go on the Bob Dylan Way, enjoying the cultural attractions and landmarks that are associated with the star.

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    What are your favorite things to do in Duluth? Let us know in the comments below.

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