List 8 Tourist Attractions in Minneapolis, Minnesota | Travel to United States

List 8 Tourist Attractions in Minneapolis, Minnesota | Travel to United States

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3 Popular Attractions In Minnesota

  • Nickelodeon Universe: Amusement park in Bloomington, Minnesota.
  • Minnesota Facts:

    • Minneapolis??famed skyway system connecting 52 blocks (nearly five miles) of downtown makes it possible to live, eat, work and shop without going outside.
    • The first Aerial Ferry was put into Operation on April 9, 1905, over the ship canal between Duluth to Minnesota Point. It had room enough to accommodate 6 automobiles. Round trip took 10 min.
    • At the confluence of the Big Fork and Rainy Rivers on the Canadian border near International Falls stands the largest Indian burial mound in the upper midwest. It is known as the Grand Mound historic site.
    • Thanks to a European florist, you’re never further than 6 blocks from a park in Minneapolis.
    • Located in Bloomington, MN, the Mall of America is 78-football fields large translating into 9,500,000 square feet.
    Average daily maximum and minimum temperatures for selected cities in Minnesota[69]
    Location July (°F) July (°C) January (°F) January (°C)
    Minneapolis 83/64 28/18 23/7 −4/−13
    Saint Paul 83/63 28/17 23/6 −5/−14
    Rochester 82/63 28/17 23/3 −5/−16
    Duluth 76/55 24/13 19/1 −7/−17
    St. Cloud 81/58 27/14 18/−1 −7/−18
    Mankato 86/62 30/16 23/3 −5/−16
    International Falls 77/52 25/11 15/−6 −9/−21


    Here, 8 Top Tourist Attractions in Minneapolis, US State..
    There's Minnehaha Park, Minneapolis Institute of Arts, Guthrie Theater, Frederick R Weisman Art Museum, Mill City Museum, American Swedish Institute, Minneapolis Sculpture Garden, Walker Art Center and more…

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