Branson – The Don’ts of Visiting Branson, Missouri

Branson – The Don’ts of Visiting Branson, Missouri

Real Estate Tips:
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3 Popular Attractions In Missouri

  • Country Club Plaza: Shopping center in Kansas City, Missouri.
  • Missouri Facts:

    • In 1889, Aunt Jemima pancake flour, invented at St. Joseph, Missouri, was the first self-rising flour for pancakes and the first ready-mix food ever to be introduced commercially.
    • State musical instrument: fiddle
    • Daniel Boone lived longer in Missouri than in any other state and regarded Missouri as his home.

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    1. Coming to Branson and enjoying the Ozark’s will give you the feeling You want to move here. Been here for 36 ish years and watched and been a part of it growing up from here. Since I’m originally from S.F./Reno, let me tell you this, This is no Lost Vegas or Reno. It is geared for family of all kinds. It use to be a little town tucked in the middle of the Ozarks and then it grew up to what Branson is today. Enjoyed being a part of growing here. It does have the Love of God here and you are welcome to come worship in our town at any of our local church. Come as you are, your welcomed. This town started on the strength of God… Stop off of one of Branson’s oldest show and entertainment park, SHEPARD OF THE HILLS. You pass by it on hwy 76 west headed to Silver Dollar City. Don’t for get to stop by Dewey Shorts Nature trails by the dam and fish hatchery… you can see all the trout your going to catch on TaneyCoMo lake when you fish down town. It’s free other then the fish food you can buy for a couple of quarters to feed the fish and fatten them up. Enjoy all of Branson it is a great place to live… just leave your luggage at home and come shop the simple life here..

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