10 Top Tourist Attractions in Montana

10 Top Tourist Attractions in Montana

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3 Popular Attractions In Montana

  • Grinnell Glacier: Glacier in the Glacier National Park in Montana.
  • Montana Facts

    • 46 out of Montana’s 56 counties are considered “frontier counties” with an average population of 6 or fewer people per square mile.
    • Yellowstone National Park in southern Montana and northern Wyoming was the first national park in the nation.
    • Just south of Billings, Lt. Col. George Armstrong Custer and his troops made their last stand. Little Bighorn Battlefield National Monument features the Plains Indians and United States military involved in the historic battle.
    • In Montana the elk, deer and antelope populations outnumber the humans.
    Average daily maximum and minimum temperatures for selected cities in Montana[180]
    Location July (°F) Coldest month (°F) July (°C) Coldest month (°C)
    Billings 89/54 32/14 32/15 4/–9
    Missoula 86/51 30/11 31/16 −0/–8
    Great Falls 83/51 28/11 34/15 1/–9
    Bozeman 81/51 27/10 31/12 −0/–11
    Butte 80/45 27/7 30/5 −1/–15
    Helena 86/54 30/12 31/12 −0/–11
    Kalispell 81/48 27/9 29/14 −1/–10


    Top 14 non-English languages spoken in Montana
    Language Percentage of population
    (as of 2000)[225]
    Spanish 1.5%
    German 1.1%
    French and Crow (tied) 0.4%
    Scandinavian languages (including Danish, Norwegian, and Swedish) 0.2%
    Italian, Japanese, Russian, Native American languages (other than Crow; significantly Cheyenne),[226]Slavic languages (including Czech, Slovak, and Ukrainian) (tied) 0.1%


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    10 Top Tourist Attractions in Montana: Billings, Editor's Pick Little Bighorn Battlefield National Monument, Glacier National Park Going-to-the-Sun Road, Museum of the Rockies, Helena, The C.M. Russell Museum Complex, The Grizzly and Wolf Discovery Center, The World Museum of Mining in Butte, Winter Fun in Big Sky Montana, The Moss Mansion