Top 10 Places to Visit in Nebraska

Top 10 Places to Visit in Nebraska

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3 Popular Attractions In nebraska

  • Durham Museum: History museum in Omaha, Nebraska.
  • Nebraska Facts:

    • Nebraska is the only state in the union with a unicameral (one house) legislature.
    • Nebraska is both the nation’s largest producer and user of center pivot irrigation.
    • Frozen TV dinners were also invented in Nebraska.
    State of Nebraska Nickname(s):

    The Cornhusker State

    Anthem:Beautiful Nebraska

    Map of the United States with Nebraska highlighted

    Map of the United States with Nebraska highlighted
    Country United States Before statehood Nebraska Territory Admitted to the Union March 1, 1867 (37th) Capital Lincoln Largest city Omaha Largest metro and urban areas Omaha–Council Bluffs Government

    Governor Pete Ricketts (R)Lieutenant Governor Mike Foley (R) Legislature Nebraska Legislature Judiciary Nebraska Supreme Court U.S. senators Deb Fischer (R)
    Ben Sasse (R) U.S. House delegation 1: Vacant
    2: Don Bacon (R)
    3: Adrian Smith (R) (list) Area

    •Total 77,358sqmi (200,356km2) •Land 76,874sqmi (199,099km2) •Water 481sqmi (1,247km2) 0.7% •Rank 16th Dimensions

    •Length 430mi (690km) •Width 210mi (340km) Elevation

    2,600ft (790m) Highestelevation

    5,424ft (1,654m) Lowestelevation

    840ft (256m) Population

    •Total 1,961,504 •Rank 37th •Density 24.94/sqmi (9.63/km2) •Rank 43rdMedian household income

    $59,970[3] •Income rank

    25th Demonym(s) Nebraskan Language

    Official language English Time zones most of state UTC−06:00 (Central) •Summer (DST) UTC−05:00 (CDT) Panhandle UTC−07:00 (Mountain) •Summer (DST) UTC−06:00 (MDT) USPS abbreviation
    ISO 3166 code US-NE Traditional abbreviation Neb., Nebr. Latitude 40° N to 43° N Longitude 95° 19′ W to 104° 03′ W Website


    Top 10 Places to Visit in Nebraska