Nevada: The DON’Ts of Visiting Nevada

Nevada: The DON’Ts of Visiting Nevada

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3 Popular Attractions In Nevada

  • Hoover Dam: Dam located southeast of Las Vegas on the border of Nevada and Arizona.
    • Adventuredome: Amusement park at the Circus Circus Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada.
    • Count's Kustoms: Auto restoration service offering a showroom for public tours, located in Las Vegas, Nevada.

    Nevada Facts:

    • Construction of the Nevada State Capitol located in Carson City was proposed on April 14, 1870. Carson City is one of the smallest state capitals in the country. Update: With current growth, may now be 14th smallest.
    • Berlin-Ichthyosaur State Park is constructed around the fossilized remains of ancient, mysterious reptiles within a well-preserved turn-of-the-century Nevada mining camp.
    • Nevada’s smallest incorporated city is Gabbs located about 140 miles southeast of Reno.Update: Gabbs, what was Nevada’s smallest city was disincorporated on May 8, 2001
    • Downtown's Golden Gate is the oldest continuously operating hotel and casino in Las Vegas; it opened in 1906 as Hotel Nevada.
    Largest cities or towns in Nevada

    Rank Name County Pop.
    Las Vegas
    Las Vegas
    1 Las Vegas Clark 641,903 Reno
    North Las Vegas
    North Las Vegas
    2 Henderson Clark 317,610
    3 Reno Washoe 264,165
    4 North Las Vegas Clark 262,527
    5 Enterprise Clark 221,831
    6 Spring Valley Clark 215,597
    7 Sunrise Manor Clark 205,618
    8 Paradise Clark 191,238
    9 Sparks Washoe 108,445
    10 Carson City Carson City 58,639


    Hey there fellow travelers! Welcome to the beautiful state of Nevada, and yes it is more than just Las Vegas when you visit Nevada. In this video we go through what you should not do as a tourist when you visit Nevada and also we talk about what you should do when you visit Nevada as a tourist. So bring your hiking boots for the incredible nature and hikes in Nevada and you lucky charm to play the games around the state whether you are heading to Carson City, Reno, or just Las Vegas we have tourist information on Nevada to help you out.
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    11 thoughts on “Nevada: The DON’Ts of Visiting Nevada

    1. Thanks for actually talking about how to really say Nevada. So many people get that wrong and that’s really all we ask!

    2. More homeless people in Las Vegas then Cali people come to Vegas thinking thay going to win a jackpot on a slot or wind up getting hook on ice and wind up homeless

    3. Born and raised in the southern corner, so I don't know a whole lot about the rest cause I can't travel, but for sure the state is gorgeous and relaxed here.

    4. I'm born n' raised Nevadan. The most times I've won on slots was at convenience stores and not in casinos. FYI you can milk a nickel machine for hours and get as many free drinks as you would on a dollar machine, IF YOU TIP!

    5. When you are from Nevada and still watch this video anyways. Lived here all my life aside from 8 years in the Navy. Not sure I'll retire here though, it's changing.
      One add on I'll say is while you'll see gambling everywhere, you won't see it in Boulder City. There's a reason for that.
      And a word of advice, like he said, the ho-ho thing is illegal here in Vegas. Though it's commonly practiced. You have to be smart. Don't be like the guy flashing rolex watches, and the guy ended up losing those watches. Even worse, the embarrassment of losing those watches to a nasty looking ho-ho. What was he thinking. They did catch the girl, but his embarrassment will live on forever.

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