The Best Places to Visit in Nevada, USA

The Best Places to Visit in Nevada, USA

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3 Popular Attractions In Nevada

  • Fremont Street Experience: Entertainment and gaming destination in downtown Las Vegas, Nevada.
    • Red Rock Canyon: National conservation area located to the west of Las Vegas, Nevada.
    • Lake Tahoe: Large freshwater lake on the Nevada-California border.

    Nevada Facts:

    • The Imperial Palace on the Las Vegas strip is the nation’s first off-airport airline baggage check-in service.
    • Most of the state is desert but the Sierra Nevada mountain range near Reno and the Ruby Mountains near Elko has snow for half the year.
    • Hoover Dam, the largest single public works project in the history of the United States, contains 3.25 million cubic yards of concrete, which is enough to pave a two-lane highway from San Francisco to New York. The dam face was used in an amazing stunt for Roland Emerich’s “Universal Soldier” and has been seen in such films as “Viva Las Vegas” and “Fools Rush In.”
    • More than41 million people visit Las Vegaseach year.
    Largest cities or towns in Nevada

    Rank Name County Pop.
    Las Vegas
    Las Vegas
    1 Las Vegas Clark 641,903 Reno
    North Las Vegas
    North Las Vegas
    2 Henderson Clark 317,610
    3 Reno Washoe 264,165
    4 North Las Vegas Clark 262,527
    5 Enterprise Clark 221,831
    6 Spring Valley Clark 215,597
    7 Sunrise Manor Clark 205,618
    8 Paradise Clark 191,238
    9 Sparks Washoe 108,445
    10 Carson City Carson City 58,639


    The Best Places to Visit in Nevada, USA
    Regardless of whether you are looking for holiday glitz and glamour or yearn for solitude in the middle of the desert, you will find what you are looking for inNevada. Nevada is largely a desert and semi-arid state but that has not detracted from its beauty. The state boasts severalnaturaland man-made attractions that are a major tourist draw and the tourism industry is the largest business in Nevada. Most tourists prefer the large cities that have gambling and entertainment facilities. However, the state also has several natural attractions that are just a few hours away from any major city.
    #1.Las Vegas
    #2.The Valley of Fire
    #3.Lake Mead
    #4.Lake Tahoe Nevada State Park
    #5.Hoover Dam Bridge
    #6.Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area
    #7.The Ruby Mountains
    #8.Ward Charcoal Ovens
    #9.National Automobile Museum
    #10.Fly Geyser

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