Top 40 places to visit in New Jersey, USA | Best Tourist Attractions In New Jersey

Top 40 places to visit in New Jersey, USA |  Best Tourist Attractions In New Jersey

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3 Popular Attractions In New Jersey

  • Long Beach Island: Island off the eastern coast of New Jersey.
  • New Jersey Facts:

    • New Jersey has the highest population density in the U.S. An average 1,030 people per sq. mi., which is 13 times the national average.
    • In September 1921 the very first Miss America pageant was held on the boardwalk in Atlantic City.
    • Square dancing is the state dance.
    • The phonograph, light bulb, and motion picture projector were all invented in Thomas Edison's Menlo Park laboratory.
    Largest municipalities in New Jersey in terms of area
    Rank Name Area (sq.mi.) Area (km2) County
    1 Galloway Township 115.2 298 Atlantic County
    2 Hamilton Township 113.0 293 Atlantic County
    3 Washington Township 102.9 267 Burlington County
    4 Jackson Township 100.1 259 Ocean County
    5 Lacey Township 98.5 255 Ocean County
    6 Woodland Township 96.4 250 Burlington County
    7 Maurice River Township 95.7 248 Cumberland County
    8 Middle Township 83.1 215 Cape May County
    9 Manchester Township 82.9 215 Ocean County
    10 West Milford 80.4 208 Passaic County
    11 Bass River Township 78.2 203 Burlington County
    12 Egg Harbor Township 75.0 194 Atlantic County
    13 Little Egg Harbor Township 73.2 190 Ocean County
    14 Lower Alloways Creek Township 72.6 188 Salem County
    15 Vernon Township 70.5 183 Sussex County
    16 Upper Township 68.5 177 Cape May County
    17 Wantage Township 67.5 175 Sussex County
    18 Dennis Township 64.3 167 Cape May County
    19 Pemberton Township 62.5 162 Burlington County
    20 Howell Township 61.0 158 Monmouth County
    21 Middletown Township 59.3 154 Monmouth County
    22 Hopewell Township 58.7 152 Mercer County
    23 Winslow Township 58.1 150 Camden County
    24 Mullica Township 56.9 147 Atlantic County
    25 Berkeley Township 55.8 145 Ocean County
    26 Hillsborough Township 54.8 142 Somerset County
    26 Stafford Township 54.8 142 Ocean County


    Ethnic composition as of the 2020 census
    Race and Ethnicity[72] Alone Total
    White (non-Hispanic) 51.9% 51.9

    54.5% 54.5

    Hispanic or Latino[a] 21.6% 21.6

    African American (non-Hispanic) 12.4% 12.4

    13.6% 13.6

    Asian 10.2% 10.2

    11.0% 11

    Native American 0.1% 0.1

    0.7% 0.7

    Pacific Islander 0.02% 0.02

    0.1% 0.1

    Other 0.8% 0.8

    1.8% 1.8


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    New Jersey is a country withinside the Mid-Atlantic and Northeastern areas of the United States.
    It is bordered at the north and east with the aid of using the country of New York; at the east,
    southeast, and south with the aid of using the Atlantic Ocean; at the west with the aid of using
    the Delaware River and Pennsylvania; at the southwest with the aid of using Delaware Bay and the
    country of Delaware. At 7,354 rectangular miles (19,050 km2), New Jersey is the fifth-smallest country
    primarily based totally on land location, however with near 9.three million residents,[6] is the
    11th-maximum populous and the maximum densely populated. New Jersey's country capital is Trenton,
    whilst the country's maximum populous town is Newark. With the only exception of Warren County,
    all counties withinside the country lie in the mixed statistical regions of New York City or Philadelphia;
    consequently, the country's biggest metropolitan location falls inside Greater New York.
    More info about New Jersey
    Popular destinations to Visit in New Jersey lists bellow:
    1.New Jersey
    2.Atlantic City
    3.Adventure Aquarium
    4.Liberty State Park
    5.Grounds For Sculpture
    6.Morey's Piers & Beachfront Water Parks
    7.George Washington Bridge
    8.Kingda Ka
    9.Paterson Great Falls National Historical Park
    10.Lucy the Elephant
    11.Island Beach State Park
    12.Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area
    13.Battleship New Jersey
    14.Cape May County Park & Zoo
    15.High Point State Park
    16.Absecon Lighthouse
    17.Cape May Lighthouse
    18.Branch Brook Park
    19.Allaire State Park
    20.New Brunswick,Rutgers University
    21.Cheesequake State Park
    22.Duke Farms
    23.Jenkinson's Boardwalk / Point Pleasant
    24.Palisades Interstate Park
    25.Hacklebarney State Park
    26.New Jersey Botanical Garden
    27.Barnegat Lighthouse State Park
    28.South Mountain Reservation
    29.Sterling Hill Mining Museum
    30.Keansburg Amusement Park
    31.Parvin State Park
    32.Red Mill Museum Village
    33.Asbury Park Boardwalk
    34.Wildwood Boardwalk
    37.Westfield, NJ
    38.Six Flags Great Adventure
    39.Long Beach Island
    40.Spring Lake

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