30 THINGS to do in NEW YORK (DO Your First Visit RIGHT)

30 THINGS to do in NEW YORK (DO Your First Visit RIGHT)

Real Estate Tips:
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3 Popular Attractions In New York

  • American Museum of Natural History: Museum in Manhattan, New York City, New York.
    • Brooklyn Bridge: Bridge connecting the boroughs of Manhattan and Brooklyn in New York City, New York.

    New York Facts:

    • New York City has 722 miles of subway track.
    • European settlers who brought seeds to New York introduced apples in the 1600s.
    • Staten Island wanted to secede from New York City
    Top private-sector Buffalo area employers, 2020
    Source: Invest Buffalo Niagara[127]
    Rank Employer Employees
    1 Kaleida Health 8,359
    2 Catholic Health 7,623
    3 M&T Bank 7,400
    4 Tops Friendly Markets 5,374
    5 Seneca Gaming Corp. 3,402
    6 Roswell Park Cancer Institute 3,328
    7 GEICO 3,250
    8 Wegmans 3,102
    9 HSBC Bank USA 3,000
    10 General Motors 2,981


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