NYC in 2022 | The coolest things to do now

NYC in 2022 | The coolest things to do now

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3 Popular Attractions In New York

  • Statue of Liberty: Sculpture on Liberty Island in New York City, New York.
    • Broadway: The Theater District and Lincoln Center in Manhattan, New York City, New York.
    • Bronx Zoo: Zoo in the borough of Bronx, New York City, New York.

    New York Facts:

    • Chittenago is the home of L. Frank Baum, author of the “Wizard of Oz”. It features a yellow brick inlaid sidewalks leading to Aunti Em’s and other Oz-themed businesses. Chittenago is the location of an annual Munchkins parade.
    • Mount Kisco’s landmark, a statue of Chief Kisco, was once an elaborate fountain for watering horses. The statue stands at the intersection of Routes 117 and 133. D.F. Gorham, a strong supporter of prohibition, presented it to Mount Kisco in 1907. The inscription on the base to the statue reads “God’s Only Beverage for Man and Beast.”
    • The Oldest Building In New York City Dates Back To Around 1642.
    Jurisdiction Population GDP † Land area Density of population
    Borough County Census
    (2012 US$)
    persons /
    persons /
    1,472,654 $ 42.695 42.2 109.3 34,920 13,482
    2,736,074 $ 91.559 69.4 179.7 39,438 15,227
    New York
    1,694,263 $ 600.244 22.7 58.8 74,781 28,872
    2,405,464 $ 93.310 108.7 281.5 22,125 8,542
    495,747 $ 14.514 57.5 148.9 8,618 3,327
    8,804,190 $ 842.343 302.6 783.8 29,095 11,234
    20,215,751 $ 1,731.910 47,126.4 122,056.8 429 166
    GDP = Gross Domestic Product Sources:[146][147][148][149] and see individual borough articles


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    NYC has amazing things planned for 2022. In today's video, I'm sharing 12 new attractions, restaurants, bars, and more that are coming to New York City during 2022.

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    08:26 – Chrysler Building Observation Deck
    10:03 – Pool in the East River
    11:24 – Williamsburg Waterfront
    11:58 – Amazing Luxury Hotel
    13:04 – Anthony Bourdain Inspired Food Hall

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