North Dakota Attractions

North Dakota Attractions

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3 Popular Attractions In North Dakota

  • Theodore Roosevelt National Park: National park in western North Dakota.
  • North Dakota Facts

    • Petroglyphs carved into two granite boulders give Writing Rock State Historic Site near Grenora its name. Though their origins are obscure, the drawings probably represent the Thunderbird, a mythological figure sacred to Late Prehistoric Plains Indians. Outlines of the bird, showing its wings extended and surrounded by abstract designs, appear on both boulders.
    • Ellendale’s oldest attraction is the Opera House. Built in 1909 it has a seating capacity for 1000 patrons.
    • The world famous Paul Broste Rock Museum in Parshall is built of natural granite quarried from the area. The entire structure was constructed with volunteer labor and opened for business in 1965. Paul called it his Acropolis on a hill.
    • World's Largest Buffalomonument stands tall on the hill in Jamestown. This 26-foot-tall, 60-ton concrete giant has been standing watch over Jamestownsince 1959.
    North Dakota
    State of North Dakota

    Peace Garden State,
    Roughrider State, Flickertail State, Heaven on Earth

    Liberty and Union, Now and Forever, One and Inseparable
    Anthem: North Dakota Hymn
    Map of the United States with North Dakota highlighted

    Map of the United States with North Dakota highlighted
    Country United States
    Before statehood Dakota Territory
    Admitted to the Union November 2, 1889 (39th)
    Capital Bismarck
    Largest city Fargo
    Largest metro and urban areas Fargo

    Governor Doug Burgum (R)
    Lieutenant Governor Brent Sanford (R)
    Legislature Legislative Assembly
    Upper house Senate
    Lower house House of Representatives
    Judiciary North Dakota Supreme Court
    U.S. senators John Hoeven (R)
    Kevin Cramer (R)
    U.S. House delegation Kelly Armstrong (R) (list)

    •Total 70,704sqmi (183,123km2)
    •Land 68,994sqmi (178,694km2)
    •Water 1,710sqmi (4,429km2) 2.4%
    •Rank 19th

    •Length 300mi (482km)
    •Width 200mi (321km)

    1,900ft (580m)

    3,606ft (1,069m)

    864ft (216m)

    •Total 774,948
    •Rank 47th
    •Density 10.73/sqmi (4.13/km2)
    •Rank 47th
    Median household income

    $61,843 [3]
    •Income rank

    Demonym(s) North Dakotan

    Time zones
    most of state UTC−06:00 (Central)
    •Summer (DST) UTC−05:00 (CDT)
    southwest UTC−07:00 (Mountain)
    •Summer (DST) UTC−06:00 (MDT)
    USPS abbreviation
    ISO 3166 code US-ND
    Traditional abbreviation N.D., N.Dak., Nodak
    Latitude 45° 56′ N to 49° 00′ N
    Longitude 96° 33′ W to 104° 03′ W

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