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Oklahoma Attractions | TravelOK

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3 Popular Attractions In Oklahoma

  • Gilcrease Museum: Museum in Tulsa, Oklahoma.
  • Oklahoma Facts:

    • The town of Beaver claims to be the Cow Chip Throwing Capital of the World. It is here that the World Championship Cow Chip Throw is held each April.
    • Oklahoma is one of only two states whose capital cities name includes the state name. The other is Indianapolis, Indiana.
    • Cimarron County is the only county in the U.S. that touches four states: Colorado, New Mexico, Texas and Kansas.
    • George Nigh served parts of four terms as governor. Elected twice in 1978 and 1982, he also served in 1963, when James Howard Edmondson quit. David Boren took office as a U.S. senator before Nigh was to take office, so he completed five days of that term in 1979.
    • The dirt is red because of the weathering of sands, siltstone and shale.
    State of Oklahoma

    • Native America (official)
    • Land of the Red Man
    • Sooner State

    Labor omnia vincit
    (English: Work conquers all)
    Anthem:Oklahoma” and
    Oklahoma Hills
    Map of the United States with Oklahoma highlighted

    Map of the United States with Oklahoma highlighted
    Country United States
    Before statehood
    Admitted to the Union November 16, 1907 (46th)

    (and largest city)

    Oklahoma City
    Largest metro and urban areas Greater Oklahoma City

    Governor Kevin Stitt (R)
    Lieutenant Governor Matt Pinnell (R)
    Legislature Oklahoma Legislature
    Upper house Senate
    Lower house House of Representatives
    Judiciary Oklahoma Supreme Court
    U.S. senators
    U.S. House delegation 5 Republicans (list)

    •Total 69,898sqmi (181,038km2)
    •Land 68,595sqmi (177,660km2)
    •Water 1,304sqmi (3,377km2) 1.9%
    •Rank 20th

    •Length 465mi (749km)
    •Width 230mi (370km)

    1,300ft (400m)

    4,975ft (1,516m)

    289ft (88m)

    •Total 3,963,516[3]
    •Rank 28th
    •Density 55.20/sqmi (21.30/km2)
    •Rank 35th
    Median household income

    •Income rank

    Demonym(s) Oklahoman;
    Okie (colloq.);
    Sooner (historically)

    Official language English, Choctaw, Cherokee[a][5][6][7]
    Time zones
    entire state (legally) UTC−06:00 (Central)
    •Summer (DST) UTC−05:00 (CDT)
    Kenton (informally) UTC−07:00 (Mountain)
    •Summer (DST) UTC−06:00 (MDT)
    USPS abbreviation
    ISO 3166 code US-OK
    Traditional abbreviation Okla.
    Latitude 33°37′ N to 37° N
    Longitude 94° 26′ W to 103° W
    Website www.ok.gov


    Whether planning a family vacation, a road trip with friends, or a romantic getaway for two, you'll find that Oklahoma is home to an amazing variety of attractions and activities. Browse through our attraction categories to discover interesting new destinations and fun things to do throughout the state. Learn more at http://travelok.la/ActivitiesAndAttractions and Come See For Yourself!