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3 Popular Attractions In Oregon

  • Smith Rock: State park in Terrebonne, Oregon.
    • Haystack Rock: Rock on the Oregon Pacific coastline, located in Cannon Beach, Oregon.

    Oregon Facts:

    • The state park system has 159 yurts located in 19 parks. Yurts are a circular domed tent suitable for camping.
    • At 11,239 feet Mount Hood stands as the tallest peak in Oregon. Mount Hood is a dormant volcano.
    • If you happen to be travelling to Oregon then you will definitely like the fact that they don’t charge any sales tax on their products. It’s among the only five states which do this (the other 4 are Alaska, New Hampshire, Delaware and Montana).
    • The overall Portland Metropolitan area,(includingClark and Skamania counties in Washington) has grown almost 50 percent in the last quarter-century to 2.3 million people. 65%of this growth was attributed to people moving here.
    State of Oregon

    The Beaver State

    Alis volat propriis
    (English: She flies with her own wings)
    Anthem: Oregon, My Oregon
    Map of the United States with Oregon highlighted

    Map of the United States with Oregon highlighted
    Country United States
    Before statehood Oregon Territory
    Admitted to the Union February 14, 1859 (33rd)
    Capital Salem
    Largest city Portland
    Largest metro and urban areas Portland

    Governor Kate Brown (D)
    Secretary of State Shemia Fagan (D)
    Legislature Legislative Assembly
    Upper house State Senate
    Lower house House of Representatives
    Judiciary Oregon Supreme Court
    U.S. senators Ron Wyden (D)
    Jeff Merkley (D)
    U.S. House delegation 4 Democrats
    1 Republican (list)

    •Total 98,381sqmi (254,806km2)
    •Land 95,997sqmi (248,849km2)
    •Water 2,384sqmi (6,177km2) 2.4%
    •Rank 9th

    •Length 360mi (580km)
    •Width 400mi (640km)

    3,300ft (1,000m)

    11,249ft (3,428.8m)

    (Pacific Ocean[2])
    0ft (0m)

    •Total 4,246,155[4]
    •Rank 27th
    •Density 39.9/sqmi (15.0/km2)
    •Rank 39th
    Median household income

    •Income rank

    Demonym(s) Oregonian

    Official language De jure: none[6]
    De facto: Pacific Northwest English
    Time zones
    most of state UTC−08:00 (Pacific)
    •Summer (DST) UTC−07:00 (PDT)
    majority of Malheur County UTC−07:00 (Mountain)
    •Summer (DST) UTC−06:00 (MDT)
    USPS abbreviation
    ISO 3166 code US-OR
    Traditional abbreviation Ore.
    Latitude 42° N to 46°18′ N
    Longitude 116°28′ W to 124°38′ W
    Website www.oregon.gov


    Oregon is a state of adventurous landscapes. From the coast to the mountains and the Oregon high desert, vacations to the state traverse all types of terrain. This multitude of things to do and places to visit can make planning a getaway overwhelming until you have a full picture of everything Oregon has to offer.

    A few beautiful places in Oregon include an ancient lake created by a volcanic eruption, a luscious gorge streaming with waterfalls, and several impressive sea stacks jutting out of the ocean. These scenic attractions are spread throughout the state, leading to memorable road trips and excursions.

    In addition to its natural beauty, Oregon is equally known for its urban charms. The state's largest city, Portland, has an international reputation for drawing tourists with an offbeat and welcoming culture. The city's sightseeing gems range from rose gardens to art museums and an immense bookshop. And this cultural capital is only one of many of the best cities in Oregon.

    Plan your summer or winter trip to Oregon with our list of the top attractions and places to visit.


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