Explore Pittsburgh PA’s Neighborhoods & Tourist Attractions

Explore Pittsburgh PA’s Neighborhoods & Tourist Attractions

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3 Popular Attractions In Pennsylvania

  • Fallingwater: House designed by architect Frank Lloyd Wright in 1935, located in Mill Run, Pennsylvania.
  • Pennsylvania Facts:

    • Pennsylvania is the first state of the fifty United States to list their web site URL on a license plate.
    • Originally Bellefonte, a town now with a population of 5,000, was once considered to be Pennsylvania’s capital. But Harrisburg was chosen because of the easy navigation on the Susquehanna River.
    • The first computer existed in Philadelphia in 1946.
    • Pennsylvania Hospital in Philadelphia, founded by Benjamin Franklin and Dr. Thomas Bond on May 11, 1751, is the first hospital in the United States. It is also home to America's first medical library.
    Commonwealth of Pennsylvania

    Keystone State;[1] Quaker State

    Virtue, Liberty and Independence

    Map of the United States with Pennsylvania highlighted

    Map of the United States with Pennsylvania highlighted
    Country United States
    Before statehood Province of Pennsylvania
    Admitted to the Union December 12, 1787 (2nd)
    Capital Harrisburg
    Largest city Philadelphia
    Largest metro and urban areas Delaware Valley

    Governor Tom Wolf (D)
    Lieutenant Governor John Fetterman (D)
    Legislature General Assembly
    Upper house State Senate
    Lower house House of Representatives
    Judiciary Supreme Court of Pennsylvania
    U.S. senators Bob Casey Jr. (D)
    Pat Toomey (R)
    U.S. House delegation 9 Democrats
    9 Republicans (list)

    •Total 46,055sqmi (119,283km2)
    •Land 44,816.61sqmi (116,074km2)
    •Water 1,239sqmi (3,208km2) 2.7%
    •Rank 33rd

    •Length 170mi (273km)
    •Width 283mi (455km)

    1,100ft (340m)

    3,213ft (979m)

    0ft (0m)

    •Total 13,011,844
    •Rank 5th
    •Density 290/sqmi (112/km2)
    •Rank 9th
    Median household income

    •Income rank

    Demonym(s) Pennsylvanian

    Official language None
    Spoken language English 90.15%
    Spanish 4.09%
    German (including Pennsylvania Dutch) 0.87%
    Chinese 0.47%
    Italian 0.43%[6]
    Time zone UTC−05:00 (Eastern)
    •Summer (DST) UTC−04:00 (EDT)
    USPS abbreviation
    ISO 3166 code US-PA
    Traditional abbreviation Pa., Penn., Penna.
    Latitude 39°43′ to 42°16′ N
    Longitude 74°41′ to 80°31′ W
    Website www.pa.gov


    In this video we take a big tour and explore city of Pittsburgh, PA. We explore the 90 neighborhoods that make up the Allegheny city, beginning in Mount Washington and experience its inclines like Duquesne and Monongahela. We learn about the history of Pittsburgh and its world championship sports teams like the Pittsburgh Steelers, Pirates, and Penguins, who fill the city with black and gold attire.

    To get the full experience of Pittsburgh's fascinating story, we visit the John Heinz Museum and get a look at all the great exhibits, including Mr. Rogers and Heinz Ketchup.And complete our tour at Point State Park, where the Monongahela and Allegheny Rivers meet to form the Ohio River. I'll see you On Tour! #joseontour #ontourexploring

    For more information about Pittsburgh, PA please see the links below:

    00:00 – The North Shore view
    00:46 – The Story of Pittsburgh, PA
    01:45 – Tour of Pittsburgh Neighborhoods
    04:24 – Experience Pittsburgh's Art History
    06:45 – Trip to John Heinz Museum
    09:33 – History of Pittsburgh Sports
    12:30 – Three Rivers Merge
    14:32 – The Scenic View and Ride on the Incline
    16:15 – July 4th Fireworks Timelapse

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