Have you been to Tennessee?

Have you been to Tennessee?

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3 Popular Attractions In Tennessee

  • Clingmans Dome: The highest point in the Great Smoky Mountain National Park.
  • Tennessee Facts:

    • The only person in American history to be both an Admiral in the Navy and a General in the Army was Samuel Powhatan Carter who was born in Elizabethton.
    • Knoxville was home to the 1982 World’s Fair. Attendance was recorded at 11,127,786 visitors.
    • Tennessee bottlers Moses and Ally Hartman developed Mountain Dew in 1940.
    • Nashville, TN is known as Songs City and also is the c and w capital of the world.
    Largest cities or towns in Tennessee

    Rank Name County Pop.
    1 Nashville Davidson 689,447 Knoxville
    2 Memphis Shelby 633,104
    3 Knoxville Knox 190,740
    4 Chattanooga Hamilton 181,099
    5 Clarksville Montgomery 166,722
    6 Murfreesboro Rutherford 152,769
    7 Franklin Williamson 83,454
    8 Johnson City Washington 71,046
    9 Jackson Madison 68,205
    10 Hendersonville Sumner 61,753


    Welcome to our top 10 best places to visit in Tennessee.

    Go on a hike in the Appalachian trail, Experience the wonderful views of the Smoky mountains national park, start jamming to the blues, and go looking for some small-town charm. Tennessee is the place for you!

    Here are our top 10 places that you must visit in Tennessee
    10. Bristol
    9. Johnson City
    8. Pigeon Forge
    7. Franklin
    6. Knoxville
    5. Gatlinburg
    4. Chattanooga
    3. Memphis
    2. Nashville
    1. Great Smoky Mountains National Park

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    14 thoughts on “Have you been to Tennessee?

    1. I’ve been listening to Pastor Charles Lawson, Temple Baptist Church teachings for many years who’s located in Knoxville. I’d like to relocate and escape Los Angeles, I just don’t belong here. I promise not to bring any of Californias bad habits with me. I completely hate it here. No one says thank you, no one says good morning. Neighbors don’t talk or help one another…?
      I will learn the ways of the good folks of Tennessee. Work hard and help wherever I can and give back to the community. With sincerity and respect I ask and hope that you can welcome just one more family in your fine state. I give you my word I won’t let you down. ??

    2. Native Knoxville Tennessean here. I cannot emphasize enough how incredible the smoky mountains are. There’s a reason it’s like the most visited park in the U.S. It’s a pretty short drive away from me, and it never ever gets old, even after 22 years. Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge are right up there in the top 5 as well.

      The southern accent varies across the state too, and across the whole south. I’d say Tennessee has three big accents. “Appalachian” “City” and “Urban.” Appalachian is like the typical STRONG southern accent with long southern drawl and everything. That’s found in east Tennessee, around the smoky mountains (But can also be found around tennessee when farther away from cities). City is what I call the accents found in the cities, duh. Way less of an accent, but still very noticeable. Hard to explain. Hard to distinguish for non-natives. And than urban is like the in-between of the two. Stronger southern drawl and twang, but not NEARLY as much as Appalachian. But also not as “general english” sounding as City accents. This is what my accent has grown to be, since my family was a mix of City and Appalachian growing up. I will admit, our slang and phrases and pronunciation will most likely throw a lot of people off. ESPECIALLY the stronger accents. And no, we aren’t bumbling idiots. Our accent is not a direct correlation to our intelligence.

      But the people here are so dad gum nice and friendly. It is something I’m very proud of as a native. When I go on vacations out west or north, it doesn’t even hold a candle to good ole southern hospitality. Now I’m not saying that there ain’t bad or mean people down here, of course there are bad people and places all over the world, but the difference hits you smack dab in the face when you notice it. 9/10 people will be joyed to help you out with directions or recommendations. Ain’t no one gonna judge you or completely ignore you. If you trip and fall, people will come up to you and ask if you’re hurt or alright, instead of just going “Oooofff that must’ve hurt” and continue walking. This example has literally happened to me a few times. And i’ve returned the favor to others as well.

      Expect any tea to be cold and very sweet. And expect breakfast foods to be the best in the world lmao. My whole family’s, and extended family, favorite meal is a good ole nice home-made southern breakfast. It just hits different.

      We don’t mind if you laugh at our iconic absurd phrases and slang. We know it’s funny, that’s why we say it lol.
      “Last time I saw you, you were knee high to a grasshopper”
      “It’s hotter than a whore on a sunday”
      “You’re too big for your britches”
      “Hes one more fry away from a happy meal”
      “That guys about as dumb as a pile of rocks”
      “It’s hot as the devils butthole out here”
      “Finer than a frogs hair split both ways”
      etc etc etc. Just to name a few that I’ve heard quite a lot.

    3. As a native California i saw the light and realized there are much better places to retire. I plan on leaving this liberal Democrat state and retiring in TN. I will NOT bring my California way of thinking there. I will respect the TN land, the people and environment. Anyone who thinks differently need not come…
      Thank you Tennessee! Looking forward to being a part of your society..

    4. Never went to the US. Don't care for New York, don't care for Chicago, don't care for LA or San Francisco, not even Miami.

      All I want to see is Tennessee, Kentucky, the Grand Canyon, Utah, the Mississippi and of course Oregon and Washington.

      Plenty to see, plenty good to see and I hope no one is going to call the local sheriff when I go to grab to eat something in some town because they think I'm a drifter ? all I want is to leave Europe for a couple of months and have a great american adventure.

      Cheers Tennesseeans!

    5. BEEN to Tennessee ?
      LOL, spent the BEST 14 1/2 years of my life there with my love, Barbara.
      We motorcycled EVERY road that crosses the mountains into NC, hundreds of times.
      Precious memories that will carry me to heaven
      I miss them both……..dearly

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