Top 10 Tourist Attractions in Moab – Travel Utah, United States

Top 10 Tourist Attractions in Moab – Travel Utah, United States

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3 Popular Attractions In Utah

  • Thanksgiving Point: Museum in Lehi, Utah.
  • UtahFacts:

    • The Mormon Temple in Salt Lake City took 40 years to complete. The Mormon temples in St. George, Manti and Logan Utah were completed before the Salt Lake Temple.
    • The city of Hurricane lies in line with traffic going to the National Parks and Lake Powell. Average daily traffic on Hurricane’s State Street is 7,397 visitors per day, or over 2.7 million visitors a year.
    • Utah Lake is 24 miles long as well as 12 miles throughout. Virtually 41% of the lake evaporates annually. There utilized to be a showboat on the lake that included on-deck dancing as well as a complete orchestra.
    • While governmental enthusiastic Mitt Romney was birthed in Detroit, Michigan, he calls Utah home. His brand-new 5,900-square-foot home in Holliday will include high ceilings, a hot tub, a secret door/room, a workout area, and also a lot more.
    • One of the most distinct locations in Utah is the Bonneville Salt Flats, called after the ancient sea that covered the location. Extending over 30,000 acres, the white salt is countless years old. Thousands of tourists, filmmakers, and land speed racers make it well-known throughout the world.
    Top 14 Non-English Languages Spoken in Utah
    Language Percentage of population
    (as of 2010)[153]
    Spanish 7.4%
    German 0.6%
    Navajo 0.5%
    French 0.4%
    Pacific Island languages including Chamorro, Hawaiian, Ilocano, Tagalog, and Samoan 0.4%
    Chinese 0.4%
    Portuguese 0.3%
    Vietnamese 0.3%
    Japanese 0.2%
    Arapaho 0.1%


    County name County seat Year founded 2020 U.S. Census Largest County City Percent of total Area % of state
    Beaver Beaver 1856 7,072 Beaver 0.22% 2,589sqmi (6,710km2) 3.2%
    Box Elder Brigham City 1856 57,666 Brigham City 1.76% 5,745sqmi (14,880km2) 7.0%
    Cache Logan 1856 133,154 Logan 4.07% 1,164sqmi (3,010km2) 1.4%
    Carbon Price 1894 20,412 Price 0.62% 1,478sqmi (3,830km2) 1.8%
    Daggett Manila 1918 935 Manila 0.03% 696sqmi (1,800km2) 0.8%
    Davis Farmington 1852 362,679 Layton 11.09% 298sqmi (770km2) 0.4%
    Duchesne Duchesne 1915 19,596 Roosevelt 0.60% 3,240sqmi (8,400km2) 3.9%
    Emery Castle Dale 1880 9,825 Huntington 0.30% 4,462sqmi (11,560km2) 5.4%
    Garfield Panguitch 1882 5,051 Panguitch 0.15% 5,175sqmi (13,400km2) 6.3%
    Grand Moab 1890 9,669 Moab 0.30% 3,671sqmi (9,510km2) 4.5%
    Iron Parowan 1852 57,289 Cedar City 1.75% 3,296sqmi (8,540km2) 4.0%
    Juab Nephi 1852 11,786 Nephi 0.36% 3,392sqmi (8,790km2) 4.1%
    Kane Kanab 1864 7,667 Kanab 0.23% 3,990sqmi (10,300km2) 4.9%
    Millard Fillmore 1852 12,975 Delta 0.40% 6,572sqmi (17,020km2) 8.0%
    Morgan Morgan 1862 12,295 Morgan 0.38% 609sqmi (1,580km2) 0.7%
    Piute Junction 1865 1,438 Circleville 0.04% 757sqmi (1,960km2) 0.9%
    Rich Randolph 1868 2,510 Garden City 0.08% 1,028sqmi (2,660km2) 1.3%
    Salt Lake Salt Lake City 1852 1,185,238 Salt Lake City, State Capital. 36.23% 742sqmi (1,920km2) 0.9%
    San Juan Monticello 1880 14,518 Blanding 0.44% 7,819sqmi (20,250km2) 9.5%
    Sanpete Manti 1852 28,437 Ephraim 0.87% 1,590sqmi (4,100km2) 1.9%
    Sevier Richfield 1865 21,522 Richfield 0.66% 1,910sqmi (4,900km2) 2.3%
    Summit Coalville 1854 42,357 Park City 1.29% 1,871sqmi (4,850km2) 2.3%
    Tooele Tooele 1852 72,698 Tooele 2.22% 6,941sqmi (17,980km2) 8.4%
    Uintah Vernal 1880 35,620 Vernal 1.09% 4,479sqmi (11,600km2) 5.5%
    Utah Provo 1852 659,399 Provo, third largest city in UT. 20.16% 2,003sqmi (5,190km2) 2.4%
    Wasatch Heber 1862 34,788 Heber City 1.06% 1,175sqmi (3,040km2) 1.4%
    Washington St. George 1852 180,279 St. George 5.51% 2,426sqmi (6,280km2) 3.0%
    Wayne Loa 1892 2,486 Loa 0.08% 2,460sqmi (6,400km2) 3.0%
    Weber Ogden 1852 262,223 Ogden 8.02% 576sqmi (1,490km2) 0.7%


    Top 10 Tourist Attractions in Moab – Travel Utah, United States:
    Arches National Park, Dead Horse Point State Park, Corona Arch, Canyonlands National Park, Negro Bill Canyon Trail, Potash Road, La Sal Mountain Loop, Wilson's Arch, Utah Scenic Byway 279 Rock Art Sites, Castle Valle

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