5 Top Tourist Attractions in Burlington, Vermont | US Travel Guide

5 Top Tourist Attractions in Burlington, Vermont | US Travel Guide

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3 Popular Attractions In Vermont

  • Jay Peak: Ski resort in Jay, Vermont.
  • Vermont Facts

    • Vermont does not sell alcohol to out of state licenses, you must have a liquor ID in order to purchase alcohol at liquor stores and grocery stores. This doesn’t apply to bars, but can affect those traveling through the state.
    • Until 1996, Vermont was the only state without a Walmart.
    • Vermont is the 45th largest state in the United States in terms of total area with 24,923 square kilometers (9,616 square miles).
    • The official state flower of Vermont is the red clover
    Vermont State House

    Flag of Montpelier

    Official seal of Montpelier

    Location in Washington County in Vermont

    Location in Washington County in Vermont
    Montpelier is located in the United States

    Location in the United States

    Montpelier is located in Vermont

    Location within Vermont


    44°15′34″N 72°34′33″W / 44.25944°N 72.57583°W / 44.25944; -72.57583Coordinates: 44°15′34″N 72°34′33″W / 44.25944°N 72.57583°W / 44.25944; -72.57583 Country United States State Vermont County Washington Region New England Settled 1787 Incorporated (village) 1818 Incorporated (city) 1895 Named for Montpellier, France Government

    Mayor Anne Watson[1]City Manager William J. Fraser Area

    •Total 10.25sqmi (26.54km2) •Land 10.05sqmi (26.04km2) •Water 0.19sqmi (0.50km2) Elevation

    525ft (160m) Population

    •Total 8,074 •Density 790/sqmi (300/km2) Demonym(s) Montpelierite Time zone UTC−5 (EST) •Summer (DST) UTC−4 (EDT) ZIP codes
    05601-05604, 05609, 05620, 05633
    Area code(s) 802 FIPS code 50-46000[4] GNIS feature ID 1461834[5] Interstates I-89.svg U.S. Highways US 2.svgUS 302.svg State Routes Vermont 12.svg Website Official website


    Best 5 Top Tourist Attractions in Burlington, United States

    Vermont's largest city – and only city of any size – lies in a beautiful location on a hillside overlooking Lake Champlain and the skyline of the Adirondack mountains, on the opposite shore in New York. The thriving downtown reaches right to the shore, but its main shopping district is a few streets above on Church Street. There is almost always something happening in this broad, car-free space lined by shops and restaurants. Crowning the hill is the stately campus of the University of Vermont, which gives Burlington a young, hip vibe.
    Let's see five tourist attractions in Burlington, Vermont

    1. Shelburne Museum
    2. Cruises on Lake Champlain
    3. Church Street Marketplace
    4. ECHO Lake Aquarium and Science Center
    5. Robert Hull Fleming Museum of Art

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    1. the 10,000 gallons of raw sewage dumped into the waterfront is number one…pew it stinks, the homeless and drug addicts in the park below the Mayor s office…the special shoot em up with needles safe places for the Mayor s favorite drug addicts who got those as long as they vote for him, the New York City welfare recipients littering the city along with the sister city grubs hoarding the housing and majority of program taxes social programs as well as housing that regular Vermonters cannot get who ve paid taxes all their lives and are pushed out by these degenerates because they vote for the Mayor or Donovan or anyone else that has helped them enter the city legally for a political vote…Vermonters call them scabs of society….but the candidates running call them votes….lets see what else…the numerous bars with the numerous college drunken scenes…..and go check out the non fire compliant fire stations not up to code…that is such a treat…or stay at one of the local B*B s or Lang houses which make donations to the fire department to look the other way for fire public safety with no egresses….that is another lovely sight…or try finding a bathroom to take a piss in or poo in burlington ADA or not…that is always a treat….the drug users have ruined all public businesses from allowing people to use their bathrooms but it s been that way for twenty plus years….sorry no public bathrooms unless your a needle user then its okay cause you vote for the Mayor….you can squat on the broken up brick you can't run a wheelchair on and take a dump if you like like some of the homeless do….see they ve got it made…for a vote for the mayor or donovan who is state s attorney you can get housing at some dump apartment and just rotate tenants and use the bathroom every 14 days is the HUD law…so New York City s ethnic cleansing of tenant housing they are tearing down is offered relocation housing here in Burlington pushing Vermonter s who ve paid taxes to homeless camps on I89 or jail or storage unit use if they have any money to house them there….welcome to Burlington if you stay you d better vote for the Mayer or Bernie or Donovan…its the only way you ll get any housing or drug use in Burlington….otherwise your records might disappear and you ll end up running up the highway the wrong way killing five people chased by BPD and the State Troopers…..they literally can make some people disappear by dropping them in a gorge if they threaten to sue the wife of the State s Attorney for housing they ve waited 10 plus years that had been given to the college girlfriend with a kid due to domestic violence with some guy from N.H. college somehow and a Vermonter with a disability was pushed out and pushed to the brink and ended up dead in a gorge floating like a piece of driftwood with 5 burlington cops escorting home supposedly but she never made it there for some reason….she must have been federal or something…some sort of recording device in her leg or something cause that is what feds can do to record voices and shit …install radio crystals that transmit murdering cops voices for later use when they climb the ranks taking care of paid business for politicians right guys? Pretty stupid screw up but anyhoo…..welcome to Burlington and the greatest highlights there is…don't send your rich college brats here…they ll end up with an opiate addiction from the Chinese on North Street smuggling that shit in from Boston or in from the islands across the Lake since they ve been catching that crap coming up from Mass and NJ lately on student buses….put your kid in a safe area at a college with some decent morals and keep them the hell away from Burlington VT…its a sess pool here literally with 10,000 gallons of raw sewage dumped into the friggin lake….you ll be floating on a turd in good ole Burlington VT…

    2. if you look closer at the Waterfront you can see on a clear day the coal sludge that was dumped near the Moran Plant or Sailing School Building now which hasn't been developed because there is no way to bring fresh water to use for any venue because the water of the lake is contaminated with coal dumped by the U.S. Railroad years and years ago….and they won't pay to clean up the coal dump in the lake which is a hazardous superfund now and too expensive for the U.S. government to pay for…Leahy keeps trying to get more and more money for the clean up and development of the Moran Plant but it never comes….so the old Moran Plant is an eyesore along the lake that has been developed and the boathouse and dragon boat races settle on coal contaminated waters of the lake on the waterfront as well as people who do the Penquin Plunge really have no clue what type of water they are actually plunging into for the Special Olympics Events….you d think they d do their fun run thing instead but every year they swim for a cause in the coal sludge the U.S. railroad dumped when oil became available to New England via New York waterways and then to Burlington VT via train…

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