Top 11. Best Tourist Attractions in Staunton – Virginia

Top 11. Best Tourist Attractions in Staunton – Virginia

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3 Popular Attractions In Virginia

  • USS Wisconsin: Historic battleship in Norfolk, Virginia.
  • Facts About Virginia
    • Old Dominion University, Norfolk State University and a new downtown campus of Tidewater Community College are located in Norfolk and Wesleyan College is located on the border between Norfolk and Virginia Beach.
    • Black bears, Virginia opossums, Virginia northern flying squirrels, and Appalachian cottontails are among the mammals you might see in this state. Bald eagles, golden eagles, and peregrine falcons soar over the area’s mountains, while piping plovers and seagulls nest along the coast. Virginia’s 28 species of frogs include green tree frogs, mountain chorus frogs, and southern leopard frogs. The poisonous northern copperhead, bright red northern scarletsnake, and eastern glass lizard (a legless lizard that looks like a snake) are some of the reptiles that live in the state.
    • There is a three-mile long boardwalk along the beach in Virginia Beach. Along the boardwalk visitors will find restaurants, statues, entertainment venues, shops, hotels and other accommodations, and spectacular views of the Atlantic Ocean.
    • Actors recreate life in Colonial Williamsburg, a working 18th-century village where blacksmiths work, colonial meals are served, and more. Many of the buildings here are the originals from the 1700s.
    • Chesapeake Facts Size – more than 353 square miles of land area. Is the 17th largest city in the U.S. in land area and 91st largest city in the U.S. in population


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    The most beautiful places and sight in Staunton .
    Top 11. Best Tourist Attractions in Staunton – Virginia: American Shakespeare Center, Frontier Culture Museum, Woodrow Wilson Presidential Library and Museum, Gypsy Hill Park, Trinity Episcopal Church, Camera Heritage Museum, Star B Stables, R.R. Smith Center for History & Art, Bruce A. Elder Antique and Classic Automobiles Museum, West Beverley Street, Stonewall Jackson Hotel