Top 13. Best Tourist Attractions in Hampton – Virginia

Top 13. Best Tourist Attractions in Hampton – Virginia

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3 Popular Attractions In Virginia

  • Virginia Museum of Fine Arts: Art museum in Richmond, Virginia.
  • Facts About Virginia
    • Continue east, and you’ll cross the Appalachian Ridge and Valley, which is full of caverns, sinkholes, and natural bridges. It’s also where you’ll find Shenandoah National Park.
    • There Is An Island Where Wild Ponies Have Roamed For Centuries Each year they are herded from Assateague Island to Chincoteague Island.
    • Virginia Beach has an aerial forest park where you can zip line, hop bridges and dart through aerial trails. That’s definitely something you don’t see anywhere else.
    • Old Dominion University, Norfolk State University and a new downtown campus of Tidewater Community College are located in Norfolk and Wesleyan College is located on the border between Norfolk and Virginia Beach.
    • Virginia Used To Have Shires Photo: Virginia’s counties were originally called “shires”.

    Richmond, VA Metropolitan Statistical Area The state capital city of Richmond, the core city of the MSA

    The state capital city of Richmond, the core city of the MSA
    Map of Richmond-Petersburg

    Counties of the Richmond Metropolitan Statistical Area

    37°48′32″N 78°10′41″W / 37.809°N 78.178°W / 37.809; -78.178 Country United States Largest city Richmond Other cities


    •Total 1,314,434[1] •Rank 44th in the U.S.


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    Top 10. Best Tourist Attractions in Hampton – Virginia: The most beautiful places and sight in Hampton:
    Top 13. Best Tourist Attractions in Hampton – Virginia: Fort Monroe's Casemate Museum, Virginia Air & Space Center, Fort Monroe National Monument, Buckroe Beach and Park, Hampton Coliseum, Air Power Park, Sandy Bottom Nature Park, Hampton History Museum, Hampton Roads Convention Center, Hampton University Museum, CineBistro at Peninsula Town Center, Hampton City Hall