Virginia: Top 10 Unique Places to Visit in 3 Days!

Virginia: Top 10 Unique Places to Visit in 3 Days!

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3 Popular Attractions In Virginia

  • Jamestown Settlement: First permanent English settlement in the Americas. Located in Jamestown, Virginia.
    • Skyline Drive: 109-mile road that runs the entire length of the Shenandoah National Park in Virginia.

    Facts About Virginia
    • Virginia Beach is home to plenty of celebrities including Gabrielle Douglas, Pharrell Williams, and Missy Elliot.
    • William & Mary Is The Second Oldest College In The Country Photo: William & Mary FB Harvard is the oldest.
    • The city also is very large geographically. It’s almost 500 square miles in size (497.3), making it much larger than Washington, DC (68.3 square miles with a population of almost 600,000 people) and even bigger than Manhattan, which is just 33.77 square miles.
    • Museums that visitors to Virginia Beach can enjoy include the Old Coast Guard Station Museum, the Virginia Living Museum, the USS Wisconsin (museum on a ship), Atlantic Wildfowl Heritage Museum, Naval Aviation Museum, and the Virginia Aquarium and Marine Science Center, among others.
    • Virginia Beach has many attractions such as Nightmare House on Atlantic Avenue, Ocean Breeze Waterpark, Motor World, Busch Gardens, and Virginia Beach Amusement Park.


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    In this video, we explore the beautiful state of Virginia and breakdown our top 10 favorite unique places. This list is budget friendly, with all but one (Natural Bridge) being completely free, and all of these places can be visited in one weekend! Here’s a quick guide to our top 10:

    10. Mt. Trashmore Park – 0:38
    9. The Grand Kugel – 1:39
    8. The Markel Building – 2:20
    7. The Tombstone House – 3:13
    6. Miniature Graceland – 4:44
    5. Pest House Medical Museum – 5:30
    4. Ellwood Manor – 6:17
    3. Appomattox Court House – 7:58
    2. Natural Bridge – 8:58
    1. The Ruins of Belle Isle – 10:15

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