Tourist Traps in Washington, DC

Tourist Traps in Washington, DC

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3 Popular Attractions In Washington D.C.

  • Korean War Veterans Memorial
    • Washington National Cathedral
    • Supreme Court

    Washington D.C. Facts

    • DC’s Metro is the second busiest subway system in the U.S.
    • Mrs. Rosa Parks called the The Mansion On O & O Street Museum home whenever she visited Washington, D.C. from 1994 to 2003.
    • Formerly named the President’s Palace, Andrew Jackson was the first to call the president’s residence the White House, but Theodore Roosevelt officially changed the name in 1901.
    • Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. gave his famous “I Have A Dream” speech on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial.
    Washington, D.C.
    District of Columbia
    Aerial view of the Lincoln Memorial, reflecting pool, and Washington Monument
    U.S. Capitol Building dome
    The Gothic Washington National Cathedral
    Train arriving at the McPherson Square metro station with a domed concrete ceiling
    Colorful rowhouses in Adams Morgan
    Planes suspended from the ceiling of the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum lobby
    Manicured South Lawn of the White House

    D.C., The District

    Justitia Omnibus
    (English: Justice for All)
    Anthem: “Washington”
    “Our Nation's Capital” (march)[1]

    Interactive map of Washington D.C.

    38°54′17″N 77°00′59″W / 38.90472°N 77.01639°W / 38.90472; -77.01639 (District of Columbia)Coordinates: 38°54′17″N 77°00′59″W / 38.90472°N 77.01639°W / 38.90472; -77.01639 (District of Columbia)

    Country United States
    Residence Act 1790
    Organized 1801
    Consolidated 1871
    Home Rule Act 1973
    Named for George Washington, Christopher Columbus

    Mayor Muriel Bowser(D)
    D.C. Council
    U.S. House Eleanor Holmes Norton(D),
    Delegate (At-large)

    Federal capital city and federal district 68.34sqmi (177.0km2)
    •Land 61.05sqmi (158.1km2)
    •Water 7.29sqmi (18.9km2)

    409ft (125m)

    0ft (0m)

    Federal capital city and federal district 689,545
    •Rank 20th in the United States
    •Density 11,294.76/sqmi (4,361.45/km2)

    6,385,162 (6th)
    Demonym(s) Washingtonian[4][5]
    Time zone UTC−5 (EST)
    •Summer (DST) UTC−4 (EDT)
    ZIP Codes
    20001–20098, 20201–20599, 56901–56999
    Area code(s) 202, 771 (overlay)[6][7]
    International airports
    Commuter rail MARC train.svg Virginia Railway Express.svg
    Rapid transit WMATA Red.svg WMATA Blue.svg WMATA Orange.svg WMATA Yellow.svg WMATA Green.svg WMATA Silver.svg
    Website Official website


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    13 thoughts on “Tourist Traps in Washington, DC

    1. Former local….I worked in DC for five years and I left in 1994. Parking is very expensive. The locals are nasty drivers who will NOT let you merge in front of them. Put on your turn signal to merge and you WILL get cut off. Stay in Virginia, take the Metro in and use a tour. Traffic does not let up on the weekends.
      Seeing the changing of the guard in Arlington National Cemetery, especially at the end of the day, is a must see.
      I want to go to see the EU embassies, specifically Poland, in a couple of weeks. It's different for me because I know my way around, but if you are not familiar with DC, try not to drive there.
      If you want lunch and want to sit down, you will not find much of anything other than those food trucks. DC restaurants are nothing special.
      A lot of visiting DC depends on what direction you come from. If you are from the Northeast, I recommend taking the Penn Line to Union Station and take the Metro to the sights.
      If you come from the South or the West, stay in Virginia.
      I come from Western Pennsylvania. I get off of I-70 at Frederick and take 15 to Leesburg and find a hotel in that area. Leesburg doesn't have the Metro but you aren't far from it.

    2. I visited Georgetown last winter and absolutely loved it. Even though I didn't see any monuments or museums it was still worth it

    3. If you're fit get the day pass for Lime. Seeing a city as beautiful as DC on a bicycle is the best choice I made on my trip there. My expectations of DC were exceeded by its beauty.

    4. I did not find the spy museum worth it. the time we visited , it was so so busy it made it feel like a cattle run. I didn't really enjoy it. we just returned 4 days ago . so sad to see the homeless / tent cities in our nations capitol. a great city to walk ~ be safe. ~ JDS/CT

    5. The making change scam occurs a lot on buses (you'll be riding an someone will get on an wave a fine or ten dollar bill and ask for change, and once they get change will run off the bus leaving you with a fake bill). One thing they didn't discuss was a lot of conferences are held in D.C. at the Convention Center, or even in a hotel, and attendees will wear their badge outside the conference identifying them as a tourist and a target for scammers.

    6. Teasim is a great little restaurant on 8th street near the navy memorial at Archives. Lots of choices.

    7. Definitely check out Old Ebbitt Grill on 15th by the Whitehouse! Great food and neat building.

    8. Also DO NOT put your feet or wade in the WW2 memorial water insanely disrepectful and against park rules

    9. DC's great. I do enjoy living here, though I am ready to move on personally. Make sure you catch a live show somewhere in DC, the Anthem is the best venue in town!

    10. Please just walk on the left and stand on the right on the metro escalators. If you stand on the left, you will likely be shoved out of the way.

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