Visit Seattle – 5 Things You Will LOVE and HATE about Seattle Washington

Visit Seattle – 5 Things You Will LOVE and HATE about Seattle Washington

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3 Popular Attractions In Washington

  • Chihuly Garden and Glass: Art museum in Seattle, Washington.
  • Washington State Facts:

    • Before it became a state, the territory was called Columbia (named after the Columbia River). When it was granted statehood, the name was changed to Washington, supposedly so people wouldn’t confuse it with The District of Columbia.
    • In 1853, Washington Territory was formed from part of Oregon Territory.In 2004 Washington ranked first in the nation in production of red raspberries (90.0% of total U.S. production), hops (75.0%), apples (58.1%), sweet cherries (47.3%), pears (42.6%), Concord grapes (39.3%), and Niagara grapes (31.6%).
    • The town of Artic was to be named ‘Arta’ after the wife of the town founder. The application was misread and resulted in the unusual spelling of the word Artic.
    • Seattle has pledged to go carbon neutral by 2050.
    Tacoma, Washington
    City of Tacoma Tacoma skyline from Thea Foss Waterway

    Tacoma skyline from Thea Foss Waterway
    Flag of Tacoma, Washington

    Official seal of Tacoma, Washington


    City of Destiny
    Location of Tacoma in Pierce County and Washington State

    Location of Tacoma in
    Pierce County and Washington State
    Tacoma, Washington is located in Washington (state)

    Tacoma, Washington
    Tacoma, Washington
    Location in the United States

    Tacoma, Washington is located in the United States

    Tacoma, Washington
    Tacoma, Washington
    Tacoma, Washington (the United States)

    Tacoma, Washington is located in North America

    Tacoma, Washington
    Tacoma, Washington
    Tacoma, Washington (North America)


    47°14′29″N 122°27′34″W / 47.24139°N 122.45944°W / 47.24139; -122.45944Coordinates: 47°14′29″N 122°27′34″W / 47.24139°N 122.45944°W / 47.24139; -122.45944 Country United States State Washington County Pierce Incorporated November 12, 1875 Government

    •Type Council–managerMayor Victoria Woodards Area

    City 62.42sqmi (161.68km2) •Land 49.71sqmi (128.76km2) •Water 12.71sqmi (32.92km2) Elevation

    243ft (74m) Population

    City 219,346 •Estimate

    219,205 •Rank US: 103rd
    WA: 3rd •Density 4,412.51/sqmi (1,703.53/km2) •Metro

    4,011,553 (Seattle metropolitan area) (US: 15th) Demonym(s) Tacoman (plural: Tacomans) Time zone UTC−8 (Pacific (PST)) •Summer (DST) UTC−7 (PDT) ZIP codes
    Zip codes[5]
    Area code 253 FIPS code 53-70000 GNIS feature ID 1512713[6] Website



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    Seattle is a city full of great restaurants, bars, museums, architecture and more. Whether you want to while the day away at Pike Place Market watching the fish throwers or grabbing a drink by Pioneer Square or checking out the Freemont Troll. There are a lot of things to love about Seattle, however there are things you won't love about Seattle. This is the 5 Things You Will Love & Hate about Visiting Seattle, Washington.
    Filmed in Seattle, WA
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    5 Must Eats of Seattle

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    11 thoughts on “Visit Seattle – 5 Things You Will LOVE and HATE about Seattle Washington

    1. Yes, it does rain in winter and fall, but it rarely ever rains hard. Summer in Seattle is beautiful. It doesn't rain at all, and it doesn't get hot or humid, either.

    2. The Seattle Freeze doesn't exist. I don't know where this myth started, but try being from the Great Lakes region, like I am, and that is a joke. Homelessness here is no joke, though. EVERYONE on the streets is multiple diagosed…mentally ill and addicted. (Thanks Reagonomics) But this issue is everywhere in the States right now…but the west coast is hit particularly hard because we have mild weather and better social systems than other republican states. So people end up here and I don't blame them. But Seattle rocks! I love it and it is my heart home. I work in the Pike Market and my kid went to school there and grew up there and a bunch of my friends have stalls there and the neighborhoods are alive. If you are strapped for cash, buy you r food in the ID and go to happy hour. My friends and I never go out for dinner, we ALWAYS do happy hour. Seattle is a happy hour town and a foodie town. And the music scene is great and the art scene….1st THursday of every month is the Art Walk…. even the SAM is free.

    3. Ok so… I’m a trucker who currently lives in both Portland Oregon and Lincoln Nebraska. I’ve traveled to all 48 states and many of the major cities and towns in America. I was born in Renton Washington and raised in Lincoln Nebraska. Here’s my observation on Seattle: I have gone there quite a bit.

      1: The homeless problem was noticeable, but nobody was really violent. Now adays, you have a bunch of people on drugs and everything else making noise and being violent. I have to say, when I was there in 2018, I did not notice this nearly as much, especially that cluster on 3rd and pike/in pioneer square park. Like the tent cities were not nearly as prevalent until around 2020. There are many theories as to why all this happened but the point is it’s there now. HOWEVER!!! Compared to Portland Oregon, Detroit, parts of NYC, parts of Chicago, parts of New Orleans and most notably, Washington DC, it’s not as bad. There are aggressive druggies there but there are also cool, regular everyday people who unfortunately just fell on hard times. And as for the violent people, the new mayor mentioned taking measures to get rid of that problem. (Especially since it very seldom existed there.)

      2: it is an expensive resort like town. But like all the other resort like towns, there are plenty of free things to do. Just walking around pike place market is a lot of fun. The fish throw show is free and entertaining. The views from the top are great! The magic shops and quirky little things they have there are amazing. The fresh fruit is to die for. And that’s just a little bit of it right there. The waterfront is wonderful. There are things that are currently there that are super fun and worth how much you pay for them. ($17 bucks for the ferries wheel or wings over Washington when I went for my birthday in 2021.) HOWEVER! The proposed project is to combine the 2 (pike place and the waterfront) and the ideas that they have so far are absolutely amazing. It’s going to turn 2 areas that are already so fun you’ll find yourself spending a ton of time there even more epic!

      3: yes, it does rain there. On my birthday, we had a downpour. It’s cloudy too. HOWEVER!!! It does stay relatively warm there compared to the other resort towns (minus LA, LV and New Orleans…), the cloud cover is a lot of times textured and choppy (if you aren’t used to it, I can understand that. But it’s not dark and dreary all the time) and you can often find blue skies or sun patches there. And unlike Portland, it typically doesn’t rain ALL DAY/ALL NIGHT for weeks at a time. (Unless you’re from Nevada, Arizona or so cal…) In fact, typically it just kinda sprinkles. But even on my birthday when we got a downpour for a few hours, we still managed to have a fantastic day, despite being a little cold from the rain. But if you don’t like the rain and need a break? Go up north to the sequim area. You will get sunshine there. And the Olympic mountains are AMAZING!

      4: we do not have the tallest waterfall or the tallest mountain. But they’re worth seeing. The Olympic peninsula has amazing hikes, snoqualmie is amazing, the parks in the actual city are amazing, the blue skies and green grass is especially colorful in Seattle. Like for some reason, the blue skies in Seattle are the most blue you’ll ever see. Portland has that too when the sun actually comes out.

      5: well… there plenty of other things to talk about but we have the worlds first and only rotating glass floor, we’ve got wonderful smells near the waterfront (reminds me of when mom took me there when I was 8…), wonderful food, good drinks, good scenery and just overall fun stuff. No doubt it has its flaws like other cities of its kind but it’s truly an amazing and actually relatively clean town. Oh and as for the freeze, meh… people are people. They really are.

    4. “Seattle is expensive” “Homeless”. “4:20 every day.” Also you talked about the Seattle Freeze then a few minutes later you love the “cool vibe” of the people. 🤷. Welcome to every major city in the world. 😷🤙🏼

    5. Oh I know, the tipping thing is driving me insane! I'm European and every time I come out to Cali or WA that 20% drives me nuts. I don't understand the concept. I know that the minimum wage is low but why is it that the consumer has to pay for it?
      Unrelated to that, I'm coming to Seattle in May and I'll be staying in downtown…is it safe during the day? I wouldn't walk around that area alone at night…but the comments below are making me worry slightly…

    6. You will absolutely see people smoking weed in the street. Everywhere. Whats worse is, depending on the location and time of day you might see people using needles. Seattle is deep in a heroin epidemic. Open air drug sales and drug use on 3rd, around Pike Place Market and up on Capitol Hill. Also, never in my 39 years of living in Seattle have I heard Ivars pronounced "Eye Vars".

    7. I interviewed for a job with King County a handful of years ago and spent a weekend in Seattle… I also fell in love with the City at the same time… So, even the 5 things that you won't like, I was already prepared for…. I cannot wait to get back…

    8. Born and raised in Seattle. I think it’s less likely that the day will be nice and then all of a sudden start raining and more likely to be raining and then have a patch of sunshine.

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