Things to Do in West Virginia | Travel Guide

Things to Do in West Virginia | Travel Guide

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3 Popular Attractions In West Virginia

  • Wheeling Island: Island in the Ohio River, in the city of Wheeling, West Virginia.
    • Harpers Ferry: Historic town in Jefferson County, West Virginia.
    • Camden Park: Amusement park in Huntington, West Virginia.

    West Virginia Facts

    • West Virginia is the only state in the Union to have acquired its sovereignty by proclamation of the President of the United States.
    • On February 14, 1824, at Harpers Ferry, John S. Gallaher published the “Ladies Garland,” one of the first papers in the nation devoted mainly to the interests of women.
    • The first brick street in the world was laid in Charleston, West Virginia, on October 23, 1870, on Summers Street, between Kanawha and Virginia Streets.
    West Virginia state symbols
    Flag of West Virginia.svg

    Seal of West Virginia.svg
    Living insignia
    Bird Northern cardinal
    (Cardinalis cardinalis)
    Butterfly Monarch butterfly
    (Danaus plexippus)
    Fish Brook trout
    (Salvelinus fontinalis)
    Flower Rhododendron
    (Rhododendron maximum)
    Insect Western honey bee
    (Apis mellifera)
    Mammal Black bear
    (Ursus americanus)
    Reptile Timber rattlesnake
    (Crotalus horridus)
    Tree Sugar maple
    (Acer saccharum)
    Inanimate insignia
    Colors Old gold and blue
    Food Golden Delicious apple
    (Malus domestica)
    Fossil Jefferson's ground sloth
    (Megalonyx jeffersonii)
    Gemstone Silicified Mississippian fossil coral
    Rock Coal
    Slogan “Wild and Wonderful”
    “Open for Business” (former)
    “Almost Heaven” (former)
    Soil Monongahela Silt Loam
    Song The West Virginia Hills
    Tartan West Virginia Shawl
    State route marker
    West Virginia state route marker
    State quarter
    West Virginia quarter dollar coin

    Released in 2005
    Lists of United States state symbols


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    If you are looking for things to do in West Virginia, I hope you will find this video to be helpful and informative for your vacation planning. The mountain state has so many beautiful sights to see and, though we only scratched the surface, we had one hell of a time!

    View a map of my trip here: />
    0:00 | Introduction
    0:47 | Stonewall Resort State Park
    1:44 | Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum
    2:32 | Pepperoni rolls & donuts
    3:57 | Audra State Park
    4:59 | Seneca Caverns and Smoke Hole Caverns
    5:34 | Monongahela National Forest and Seneca Rocks
    6:11 | Tudor’s Biscuit World
    6:40 | New River Gorge National Park
    7:46 | Harpers Ferry National Historical Park

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    15 thoughts on “Things to Do in West Virginia | Travel Guide

    1. Wow! Great recommendations! As a lifelong resident of 42 years in West Virginia, I'd agree these are great must see places. Of course you can't touch on ALL the wonders of our state as there is so much to offer. We even have the greenbrier resort! Hehe. So glad you liked our state and hospitality!!! Oh, the "Red Robin is our state bird, The Cardinal, which the make is bright red and the female is a brownish, light red.

    2. You forgot Greenbank Observatory, The Cass Railroad, Point Pleasant (home of the Mothman), Philippi, and places in the northern panhandle.

    3. Well done informative content as always Ashley! I've spent a bit of time in Wild Wonderful West Virginia. It is truly a beautiful jem to explore. Thank you for providing this wonderful glimpse for all of us to enjoy. Best Always…..Bob V

    4. Appalachia and certainly WV is very beautiful. I haven't visited any of the places in your video but would like to. I wasn't aware of the new national park. The local eats looked interesting that you showed.

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