Top 10 Best Places To Visit In West Virginia

Top 10 Best Places To Visit In West Virginia

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3 Popular Attractions In West Virginia

  • Seneca Rocks: Rock landmark in Pendleton County, West Virginia.
    • Wheeling Island: Island in the Ohio River, in the city of Wheeling, West Virginia.

    West Virginia Facts

    • Nearly 75% of West Virginia is covered by forests.
    • A variety of the yellow apple, the Golden Delicious, originated in Clay County. The original Grimes Golden Apple Tree was discovered in 1775 near Wellsburg.
    • West Virginia University was established on February 7, 1867 under the name of “Agricultural College of West Virginia.”
    West Virginia state symbols
    Flag of West Virginia.svg

    Seal of West Virginia.svg
    Living insignia
    Bird Northern cardinal
    (Cardinalis cardinalis)
    Butterfly Monarch butterfly
    (Danaus plexippus)
    Fish Brook trout
    (Salvelinus fontinalis)
    Flower Rhododendron
    (Rhododendron maximum)
    Insect Western honey bee
    (Apis mellifera)
    Mammal Black bear
    (Ursus americanus)
    Reptile Timber rattlesnake
    (Crotalus horridus)
    Tree Sugar maple
    (Acer saccharum)
    Inanimate insignia
    Colors Old gold and blue
    Food Golden Delicious apple
    (Malus domestica)
    Fossil Jefferson's ground sloth
    (Megalonyx jeffersonii)
    Gemstone Silicified Mississippian fossil coral
    Rock Coal
    Slogan “Wild and Wonderful”
    “Open for Business” (former)
    “Almost Heaven” (former)
    Soil Monongahela Silt Loam
    Song The West Virginia Hills
    Tartan West Virginia Shawl
    State route marker
    West Virginia state route marker
    State quarter
    West Virginia quarter dollar coin

    Released in 2005
    Lists of United States state symbols


    Top 10 Best Places To Visit In West Virginia – If you’re looking to beat the crowds and experience a uniquely American destination, make sure to add these great places to visit in West Virginia to your bucket list!
    West Virginia’s motto is “wild and wonderful,” and that really does describe a visit to this east coast state. It might not be the most popular tourist destination in America, but it’s an ideal place to check out if you like off-the-beaten path destinations with a distinct culture and a unique vibe.

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    1. Am in Huntington West Virginia I been here all my life and I been all over West Virginia I love Pocahontas County Logan county Harrison county and beckley springs

    2. The Palace of Gold in the hills between Wheeling and Moundsville it is the Taj Mahal of America. It is an Amazing place to visit just YouTube Place of Gold and view the videos. You all will be amazed.

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