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3 Popular Attractions In West Virginia

  • The Greenbrier: Resort in White Sulphur Springs, West Virginia.
    • Clay Center: Art museum in Charleston, West Virginia.

    West Virginia Facts

    • The first major land battle fought between Union and Confederate soldiers in the Civil War was the Battle of Philippi on June 3, 1861.
    • William Tompkins used natural gas to evaporate salt brine in 1841, thus becoming the first person in the United States to use natural gas for industrial purposes.
    • West Virginia got its first Starbucks in December, 2003, making it the last state in the United States to have a Starbucks store.
    Largest cities or towns in West Virginia

    Rank Name County Pop. Rank Name County Pop.
    1 Charleston Kanawha 47,215 11 South Charleston Kanawha 12,240 Morgantown
    2 Huntington Cabell 46,048 12 Vienna Wood 10,230
    3 Morgantown Monongalia 30,955 13 St. Albans Kanawha 10,069
    4 Parkersburg Wood 29,675 14 Bluefield Mercer 9,730
    5 Wheeling Ohio 26,771 15 Bridgeport Harrison 8,681
    6 Weirton Hancock 18,449 16 Moundsville Marshall 8,401
    7 Fairmont Marion 18,411 17 Oak Hill Fayette 8,218
    8 Martinsburg Berkeley 17,465 18 Dunbar Kanawha 7,205
    9 Beckley Raleigh 16,183 19 Elkins Randolph 7,026
    10 Clarksburg Harrison 15,480 20 Hurricane Putnam 6,506


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    West Virginia is an eastern U.S. state in the tree-covered Appalachian Mountains. The town of Harpers Ferry, where the Shenandoah River meets the Potomac River, is the site of a famous Civil War–era raid. Surrounded by a national historical park, the town looks as it did in the 19th century, with many of the buildings open to the public as living-history museums.

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    14 thoughts on “WEST VIRGINIA – The Top 10 Places YOU NEED TO SEE!

    1. You can get the best methamphetamines in the general New England area in West Virginia other than that pretty much everything else sucks

    2. I was born in Moundsville WV. My uncle, a former mayor of the town, also was a tour guide at the Penitentiary! I've been to many of the places mentioned but need to visit more of the state. Several other places of note are Oglebay Park near Wheeling (well known for its Christmas lights), Dolly Sods Wilderness (not far from Seneca Rocks), The Gauley River world class whitewater rafting, The Greenbrier River Bike Trail, and the Greenbrier resort itself.

    3. Is West Virginia a good place to retire?
      Also, is West Virginia racist?
      My wife and I are looking for a place to retire.
      West Virginia seems like a good place to retire, but we do not know anything about West Virginia.
      Please advise.
      Thank you in advance!

    4. There’s Seneca caverns but there’s also Seneca rocks which is a mountain you can climb it takes about an hour and one e you get too the top it’s an amazing sight. I live 2 hours away from all this

    5. The "North Fork River" she mentions around Seneca Rock is the North Fork of the Potomac River. The Eastern Divide is close by. That's where all the waters on the east side of the Allegheny Mountain run into the Chesapeake Bay, on the west side, all the waters run to the Mississippi River.
      The people who live here still maintain a culture, which seems to be disappearing in the US nowadays.

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