Top 12. Best Tourist Attractions & Things to Do in Kenosha, Wisconsin

Top 12. Best Tourist Attractions & Things to Do in Kenosha, Wisconsin

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3 Popular Attractions In Wisconsin

  • Peninsula State Park: State park in Fish Creek, Wisconsin.
  • Wisconssin Facts:

    • The nation’s first kindergarten was established in Watertown in 1856. Its first students were local German-speaking youngsters.
    • With an average of 2,500 performers, Milwaukee’s Summerfest is the nation’s largest music festival.
    • The falls in Niagara has the same geological feature as Niagara Falls, New York.
    • The initial preschool courses in the united state were kept in Watertown in 1856 at the house of a German couple. Plan your visit as well as go back in time to an early course still in session.
    • The term “cheesehead” actually started as a term the German soldiers utilized to disrespect the Dutch during World War II. The first cheesehead was put on at a Brewers video game, not a Packers video game, as well as was a sofa cushion with openings shed in the foam and painted yellow.
    State of Wisconsin

    Badger State, America's Dairyland[1][2][3][4][5]

    Anthem:On, Wisconsin!
    Map of the United States with Wisconsin highlighted

    Map of the United States with Wisconsin highlighted
    Country United States
    Before statehood Wisconsin Territory
    Admitted to the Union May 29, 1848 (30th)
    Capital Madison
    Largest city Milwaukee
    Largest metro and urban areas Milwaukee

    Governor Tony Evers (D)
    Lieutenant Governor Mandela Barnes (D)
    Legislature Wisconsin Legislature
    Upper house Senate
    Lower house Assembly
    Judiciary Wisconsin Supreme Court
    U.S. senators
    U.S. House delegation
    • 5 Republicans
    • 3 Democrats



    •Total 65,498.37sqmi (169,640.0km2)
    •Land 54,153.1sqmi (140,256km2)
    •Rank 25th[6]

    •Length 311mi (507km)
    •Width 260mi (427km)

    1,050ft (320m)

    1,951ft (595m)

    579ft (176m)

    •Total 5,893,718[9]
    •Rank 20th
    •Density 108.8/sqmi (42.0/km2)
    •Rank 27th[10]
    Median household income

    •Income rank

    Demonym(s) WisconsiniteCheesehead (colloquial)

    Time zone UTC−06:00 (Central)
    •Summer (DST) UTC−05:00 (CDT)
    USPS abbreviation
    ISO 3166 code US-WI
    Traditional abbreviation Wis., Wisc.
    Latitude 42° 30′ N to 47° 05′ N
    Longitude 86° 46′ W to 92° 54′ W

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