Top Tourist Attractions in Wisconsin: Travel Guide USA

Top Tourist Attractions in Wisconsin: Travel Guide USA

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3 Popular Attractions In Wisconsin

  • Road America: Road course in Plymouth, Wisconsin.
  • Wisconssin Facts:

    • Wisconsin visitors and residents enjoy the state’s 7,446 streams and rivers. End-to-end they’d stretch 26,767 miles. That is more than enough to circle the globe at the equator.
    • The Hamburger hall of fame is located in Seymour.
    • The Fox River is one of the few rivers in the nation that flows north.
    • The first ever gelato sundae was offered in 2 Rivers, Wisconsin in 1881. Drop in for a pleasant reward at the birthplace itself at The Washington Residence.
    • Freshwater web surfers understand Sheboygan as the “Malibu of the Midwest”. Peak browse season, however, happens between September and also March … brrr!
    Historical population
    Census Pop.
    1820 1,444
    1830 3,635 151.7%
    1840 30,945 751.3%
    1850 305,391 886.9%
    1860 775,881 154.1%
    1870 1,054,670 35.9%
    1880 1,315,457 24.7%
    1890 1,693,330 28.7%
    1900 2,069,042 22.2%
    1910 2,333,860 12.8%
    1920 2,632,067 12.8%
    1930 2,939,006 11.7%
    1940 3,137,587 6.8%
    1950 3,434,575 9.5%
    1960 3,951,777 15.1%
    1970 4,417,731 11.8%
    1980 4,705,767 6.5%
    1990 4,891,769 4.0%
    2000 5,363,675 9.6%
    2010 5,686,986 6.0%
    2020 5,893,718 3.6%
    Source: 1910–2020[81]


    Badger State
    State Animal: Badger
    State Domesticated
    Dairy cow
    State Wild Animal: White-tailed deer
    State Beverage: Milk
    State Dairy Product: Cheese[141]
    State Fruit: Cranberry
    State Bird: Robin
    State Capital: Madison
    State Dog: American water spaniel
    State pro football team: Green Bay Packers
    State pro baseball team: Milwaukee Brewers
    State pro basketball team: Milwaukee Bucks
    State pro hockey team: Milwaukee Admirals
    State Fish: Muskellunge
    State Flower: Wood violet
    State Fossil: Trilobite
    State Grain: Corn
    State Insect: European honey bee
    State Motto: Forward
    State Song: On, Wisconsin!
    State Tree: Sugar maple
    State Mineral: Galena (Lead sulfide)
    State Rock: Red granite
    State Soil: Antigo silt loam
    State Dance: Polka
    State Symbol of
    Mourning dove
    State microbe Lactococcus lactis
    State Pastry: Kringle

    Top Tourist Attractions in Wisconsin: Travel Guide USA
    Cave of the Mounds, Circus World Museum, Door County, Geneva Lake Shore Path, Olbrich Botanical Gardens, Harley-Davidson Museum, Taliesin East, The Dells of the Wisconsin River, Waterparks, Wisconsin State Capitol

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